About StAC

Governance and Management


Responsibility for the strategic direction and educational, financial and reputational success of St Andrew’s College rests with an elected Board of Governors and the senior management team.

Board of Governors

Current members of the Board of Governors are:

  • Mr Bryan Pearson (Board Chair)
  • Mrs Christine Leighton (College Rector)
  • Mrs Felicity Odlin
  • Mr Rob Hall (Co-Chair)
  • Mr Richard Holyoake
  • Mrs Chris Janett
  • Mr Rob Woodgate
  • Rev. Sandra Wright-Taylor
  • Mr Malcolm Johns (Co-Chair)
  • David Evans (Board Secretary)

The Board meets each month and undertakes an annual strategic planning workshop to ensure the College remains closely attuned to the challenges and opportunities that will affect our future.

College Management

Management of all aspects of College operations is led by the Executive team. Current members of the Executive team are: 

  • Mrs Christine Leighton (College Rector)
  • Mr David Evans (General Manager)
  • Mr Evert van Florenstein (Head of Secondary School)
  • Mr Jonathan Bierwirth (Principal of Preparatory School)
  • Mr David Bevin (Head of Teaching and Learning)
  • Mr Hamish Bell (Head of Values and Culture)
  • Mr David Hart (Director of ICT)
The team meets weekly, and at other times when circumstances demand it, to manage all operational aspects of the thriving and multifaceted community that is St Andrew’s College.

Annual Report

Please find below our 2015 Annual Report.  Just click on the Annual Report below to view.



Regulus Magazine


The Rector's magazine, Regulus, is an important part of the College’s communication with our whole-school community.

Centenary Launch


 The St Andrew’s College Centenary was launched in fine style at a special assembly in September, where memories of the past were honoured and there was much anticipation about the year of celebrations ahead.

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