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History, Tradition and Values

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St Andrew’s College was founded in 1917 in the Scottish Presbyterian tradition of the Christian faith.

We began in humble fashion, with just 19 boys and four teachers. The fact that we opened our doors at all was due to the determination of the Reverend Thompson, whose driving ambition was to ‘educate the sons of the Presbyterian and Scottish community of Canterbury.’ Today it is both ‘sons’ and ‘daughters’ who bring life and a very special spirit to our campus. 

The sights, sounds and traditions of Scotland remain central to the spirit of St Andrew’s College. Our Pipe Band was formed in 1919 and is perennially New Zealand’s best at school level. The skirl of the pipes is an integral part of daily life at the College. In the Senior College, our prefects wear kilts on Friday. The thistle and the Ferguson tartan are icons of the school, along with the cross of St Andrew’s that forms the centrepiece of our coat of arms and flag. Each year, in association with our Founders’ Day celebrations, we hold our own version of the Highland Games.

Contact us for a copy of Gordon Ogilvie’s outstanding publication ‘High Flies the Cross’ – a comprehensive history of the College, its key achievements and milestones, and its remarkable personalities.

The values our forefathers held dear also remain strong and true today. They form a foundation for success and happiness in life within and beyond the school gates.

St Andrew's College Guiding Values


Throughout their time at St Andrew’s, our students are encouraged, and indeed inspired, to challenge and enquire, to think critically, to formulate opinions without prejudice, to seize opportunities without fear and to maintain the highest ethical standards.


A culture of excellence touches every part of life at St Andrew’s. In all endeavours, we encourage students to set high standards, have high expectations, strive for and support excellent work, have pride in their school and celebrate the efforts and achievements of themselves and their peers.


Christian spirituality is central to who we are and what we offer. Chapel worship and religious education are in keeping with our Presbyterian origins, although we welcome people of all faiths. Students, staff, Old Collegians and their families share the special sanctity of the Memorial Chapel as a place for peaceful reflection and celebration.

DPR Values

In addition, each term, students and staff pay particular attention to one of seven Developing Positive Relationships (DPR) values that express the way we want people to think and act in our College community.

The DPR values are faith, hope, compassion, respect, honesty, generosity and responsibility.

Learning Values

St Andrew's is a school that recognises that learning is more than simply listening and taking notes.  Learning needs to be lifelong and relevant in a changing world. It's this belief that underpins the introduction in 2012 of the eight Learning Values: Achieve, Cooperate, Inquire, Innovate, Think, Know, Strive and Organise.

These learning values remind students of what is required to become a life-long learner. Head of Teaching and Learning David Bevin says, "If we want our learners to be engaged, active and collaborative in their learning, they need to embrace these values".





Regulus Magazine


The Rector's magazine, Regulus, is an important part of the College’s communication with our whole-school community.

Centenary Launch


 The St Andrew’s College Centenary was launched in fine style at a special assembly in September, where memories of the past were honoured and there was much anticipation about the year of celebrations ahead.

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