Student Leadership

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In addition to the around-the-clock support offered by a dedicated team of staff, our boarding students are encouraged to look to their peers for help with personal or study-related issues or concerns. Often young people feel more comfortable talking to members of their own generation, and our system of student leadership has been established with that in mind.

Younger boarders, in particular, are encouraged to approach older students for support if they feel comfortable doing so. Boys’ and girls’ Heads of Boarding are carefully chosen each year for their ability to act as positive role models and exhibit attitudes that encourage academic, social, physical and moral development amongst their fellow boarders.

Furthermore, all our senior boarders are encouraged to view themselves as leaders. We know that when our senior students demonstrate high personal standards and display qualities such as initiative, commitment and self-confidence, the positive impact on younger students is significant.

Regulus Magazine


The Rector's magazine, Regulus, is an important part of the College’s communication with our whole-school community.

Centenary Launch


 The St Andrew’s College Centenary was launched in fine style at a special assembly in September, where memories of the past were honoured and there was much anticipation about the year of celebrations ahead.

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