In the Classroom

Pastoral Care

Pastoral care at St Andrew’s College is based on the College values of truth, excellence and faith. We endeavour to address individual student’s needs, affirm good attitudes and behaviour, and set clear boundaries for behaviour and consequences when those boundaries are crossed. Our aim is to ensure every student feels comfortable, confident and connected to their College, so that their time here is as rewarding as possible.

In the Secondary School, a tutor system matches groups of students at the smallest possible staff/student ratio with a tutor, who will meet them regularly and take a special interest in their lives. Tutors are the prime carers for students in their tutor group. They take responsibility for tracking academic progress, taking an interest in extra-curricular activities, monitoring emotional well-being and helping with relationship issues. Tutors also get to know the parents and guardians of the students in their groups, so that parents feel comfortable about taking issues and concerns about their child to the tutor as a first step.

Tutors are supported by year group Deans, who oversee, support and resource the tutors, and by the Heads of Middle School and Senior College who oversee the work of the Deans in their area. A professional Counsellor is also available to support students during particularly difficult or stressful times.

Regulus Magazine


The Rector's magazine, Regulus, is an important part of the College’s communication with our whole-school community.

Centenary Launch


 The St Andrew’s College Centenary was launched in fine style at a special assembly in September, where memories of the past were honoured and there was much anticipation about the year of celebrations ahead.

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