International Students

Academic Support

We recognise that international students come to New Zealand with different goals and priorities in mind. Some come primarily for the unique cultural experience; others look forward to exploring our wonderful natural environment. Underpinning every visit, however, is the search for a high-quality education that will prepare students for successful tertiary study or work in an English-speaking country.

In this respect, St Andrew’s College is perfectly placed to meet the needs of international students. Our curriculum is comprehensive, and student study is supported by world-class facilities and resources. Study assistance is available from tutors, classroom teachers, academically-able students and, on occasions, from visiting specialists. In addition, International Department staff are available to provide assistance and advice if required. All aspects of life at St Andrew’s are geared towards helping students reach their full academic potential.

See the In the Classroom section of this website for more information on our academic curriculum.

Regulus Magazine


The Rector's magazine, Regulus, is an important part of the College’s communication with our whole-school community.

Let Us Show You Around


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Our tours are personalised to suit your needs and give you every opportunity to see our students in action in the classroom. A guided tour gives you the opportunity to talk at length and in depth about the College programmes. The tour is also a chance to view our facilities including the new Preparatory School, Spiro Science and Mathematics Centre and Boarding Houses.

Contact Registrar Lynn Smith or 03 940-2016 to book an appointment or request an information pack.

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