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The Root of Evil

By Håkan Nesser

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Book review written by Teacher in Charge of Media Studies, Mia Silverman

The second book in the Barbarotti series, Inspector Barbarotti receives a letter at his home in the summer of 2007 with details of a murder that is yet to take place. By the time the police find the subject of the letter, they are already dead. When a second, third, and fourth letter arrives, this sets in motion a tense cat and mouse chase to stop a killer before he carries out his next murder.

The story is told through a layered narrative, both from the point of view of Barbarotti and the diary entries of an anonymous writer describing events that occurred on a vacation in France five years previous. It’s not long before he makes a connection between the people mentioned in the diary and those who are being stalked by a killer.

I am a big fan of crime novels and there were enough twists and turns in this story to kept me guessing right until the end; I honestly couldn’t put it down. If you enjoy suspense or a good mystery thriller, then you should definitely give this one a try.

Nesser, H. (2007). The Root of Evil.

Book review written by Teacher in Charge of Media Studies, Mia Silverman


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