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2022 Student Leadership Team


Heads of College
Harry Withers (Head Boy), Grace Lawrence (Head Girl), Thomas Kamo (Deputy Head Boy), Charlotte Roche (Deputy Head Girl), James McLaren (Head of Boys’ Boarding) and Charlotte Brown (Head of Girls’ Boarding).

Sarah Anthony, Cameron Blackwood, Skye Atkins, Matthew Bulter, Tom Edwards, Maia Columbus, Jonty Foote, Selena Gan, Rico Gamble, Bella Gibbons, Toby Harvie, Pippa Henderson, Lachlan Johns, Rachel Holyoake, Couper Killick, Sophie McNee, Rhys Marshall, Maddie Morrow, Max McIntyre, Lyonahdolphin Tausa, Tom Ruwhiu, Charli Watts, Corin Simcock, Cindy Xiong, Alex Wilson, Katie Zhang and Luke Zhu.


  • Harry Withers

    Harry Withers

    Head Boy

  • Grace Lawrence

    Grace Lawrence

    Head Girl

  • Thomas Kamo

    Thomas Kamo

    Deputy Head Boy

  • Charlotte Roche

    Charlotte Roche

    Deputy Head Girl

  • James McLaren

    James McLaren

    Head of Boys’ Boarding

  • Charlotte Brown

    Charlotte Brown

    Head of Girls’ Boarding

  • Katie Zhang

    Katie Zhang

    Head of Senior College Council, Head of International Culture

  • Corin Simcock

    Corin Simcock

    Head of Senior College Council, Head of Sustainability

  • Sarah Anthony

    Sarah Anthony

    Academic Captain, Head Librarian, Head Sacristan

  • Tom Edwards

    Tom Edwards

    Academic Captain, Head of Debating

  • Luke Zhu

    Luke Zhu

    Academic Captain

  • Rachel Holyoake

    Rachel Holyoake

    Cultural Captain, Drum Corporal

  • Lucy Ojala

    Lucy Ojala

    Cultural Captain

  • Maddie Morrow

    Maddie Morrow

    Sports Captain, Head of Rutherford House

  • Adam Redway

    Adam Redway

    Sports Captain

  • Lucy Hamilton

    Lucy Hamilton

    Head of Erwin House, International Exchange Leader

  • Hugh Nixon

    Hugh Nixon

    Head of Erwin House

  • Pippa Henderson

    Pippa Henderson

    Head of MacGibbon House

  • Couper Killick

    Couper Killick

    Head of MacGibbon House

  • Tom Ruwhiu

    Tom Ruwhiu

    Head of Rutherford House

  • Sophie McNee

    Sophie McNee

    Head of Thompson House

  • Matt Patterson

    Matt Patterson

    Head of Thompson House

  • Georgia Chadderton

    Georgia Chadderton

    Head of Community Service

  • Bella Gibbons

    Bella Gibbons

    Head of Community Service

  • Millie Keith

    Millie Keith

    International Exchange Leader

  • Tessa Bishell

    Tessa Bishell

    Head of Peer Support

  • Izzy Tuaine

    Izzy Tuaine

    Head of Peer Support

  • Moses Armstrong Smith

    Moses Armstrong-Ravula

    Head of Māori & Pasifika

  • Penelope Taulafo

    Penelope Taulafo

    Head of Māori & Pasifika

  • Lily Champion Smith

    Lily Champion-Smith

    Head of Māori & Pasifika

  • Zoe Elmey

    Zoe Elmey

    Head of Art

  • Tom Rae

    Tom Rae

    Head of Art

  • Sophie March

    Sophie March

    Head of Dance

  • Ethan Adams

    Ethan Adams

    Head of Debating

  • Marco Leighs

    Marco Leighs

    Head of Drama

  • Poppy Rumble

    Poppy Rumble

    Head of Drama

  • Cindy Xiong

    Cindy Xiong

    Head of Jazz

  • Grace Richan

    Grace Richan

    Head of Media - Production

  • Bede Miller

    Bede Miller

    Head of Media - Technical

  • Struan Gordan

    Struan Gordon

    Head of Music – Vocals

  • Toby Harvie

    Toby Harvie

    Head of Sustainability

  • Alex Wilson

    Alex Wilson

    Head of Theatresports

  • Kaitlyn Sutherland

    Kaitlyn Sutherland

    Head of Agriculture Student Committee

  • Portia Bennie

    Portia Bennie

    Head of Writing

  • Selena Gan

    Selena Gan

    Head of Well-being

  • Lachie Odlin

    Lachie Odlin

    Head of Well-being

  • Oskar Trafford

    Oskar Trafford

    Pipe Major

  • Toby Cammock Elliott

    Toby Cammock-Elliott

    Pipe Corporal

  • Jakarta Klebert

    Jakarta Klebert

    Pipe Sergeant

  • Connor Higgs

    Connor Higgs

    Drum Corporal

  • Georgina Eagle

    Georgina Eagle

    Drum Sergeant