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St Andrew's College Photographic Images, Video and Audio Agreement

St Andrew’s College seeks to ensure that the privacy of each student is in line with their Privacy Agreement with the parent/caregiver, and to ensure that the use of all images/videos portrays St Andrew’s College positively.

This agreement applies to employees, volunteers, and guest speakers to provide them with guidelines and procedures regarding the taking of photographic images, video and audio recordings.

I agree that:

  1. Before taking any photographic images or video recording of any students or staff, that they are made aware that they are being photographed and for what purpose.
  2. If any photographic images, video or audio are taken during the event above, prior to publishing on any platform, both printed or online, approval must be granted by the Head of Communications at St Andrew’s College. Approval may be granted by emailing the intended material for release to Please allow 72 hours for approval.
  3. Please state above all platforms the material will be used on.
  4. St Andrew’s College owns all rights, title and interest of all footage/images and audio.
  5. St Andrew’s College may use, edit and reproduce footage/images and audio at any time, with credit given to business named above or as advised.
  6. Any statements recorded will not violate or infringe the rights of any person or entity including copyright, privacy or publicity rights of St Andrew’s College.
  7. Photographic images, video or audio may be not authorised for use due to St Andrew’s College privacy agreement and in this instance will not be used in any form by the above.