Sports and Cultural

Co-curricular Philosophy

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Sports and cultural activities figure highly on our list of priorities for students of all ages. Our aim is to encourage active participation, and give you the opportunity to excel if you desire. In our experience, young people who are able to explore their interests and express their talents in a wide variety of fields make better scholars, employees, friends, family members and citizens.

Preparatory School

In the Preparatory School, active participation in sports and cultural activities is the key goal. Our aim is to help you learn what it is like to be a member of a team or group, to develop skills and acquire self- discipline. For some of you, sports and the arts will be a forum for excellence. We will do everything in our power to nurture your talent and give you the opportunities you need to reach your potential. That may include participation in Secondary School teams, groups and competitions.

Secondary School

In the Secondary School, participation remains a key priority. However, the focus on elite performance strengthens and opportunities for you to test your talent at regional, national and even international level abound. Specialist coaches and tutors are made available to help you extend your ability and experience. Our very best athletes are invited into a High Performance Programme, which targets aspects of fitness, wellbeing and lifestyle that are key to excelling in sport beyond the school years.

At all levels, a culture of celebration prevails with the College. Achievements at inter-school, regional and national level are openly and warmly acknowledged.

Regulus Magazine


The Rector's magazine, Regulus, is an important part of the College’s communication with our whole-school community.

Centenary Launch


 The St Andrew’s College Centenary was launched in fine style at a special assembly in September, where memories of the past were honoured and there was much anticipation about the year of celebrations ahead.

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