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Well-being at StAC

Te Hauora ki StAC

“At St Andrew’s College our focus is not only academic, sporting and cultural achievement, but also building the character, backbone, and self-respect that will support our Collegians through life’s ups and downs.”
Kerry Larby, Head of Positive Education and Well-being

At St Andrew’s College, we not only want our students to flourish in their learning but also to establish a strong foundation for ongoing success in their lives beyond school. 

Our teachers understand well-being is central to all we do, and we believe developing character is as important as cultivating intellect. We appreciate that learning is a social, emotional and cognitive process, and it is our focus to inspire and engage the whole child.

Since 2017, St Andrew’s College has committed to a whole school strategic goal to embrace evidence-based research related to well-being and positive psychology. Staff professional development focuses on integrating research related to building positive relationships, promoting emotional intelligence and resilience, enhancing self-efficacy and fostering motivation, engagement, and purpose.

A well-being focus is integrated into our curricular, co-curricular and pastoral programmes. Our school culture strongly supports student well-being by valuing the importance of positive relationships and celebrating diversity.

We aspire for our Collegians to be:

  • resilient and confident;
  • able to relate well to others;
  • critical thinkers and informed decision-makers;
  • contributors to a purpose greater than themselves.

To find out more about well-being at St Andrew's, read our blog by clicking here.

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