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Not shirking from threat, challenge, difficulty or pain. 

Why does bravery matter?

Bravery describes the willingness to rise up, speak up and confront difficult or threatening situations despite feeling vulnerability or fear. It is inevitable that we will feel some discomfort when moving out of our comfort zone. Bravery enables us to evaluate risks then trust the process and move forward anyway. When we are brave, we know we may fail or get hurt but that doesn't stop us showing up and facing adversity. Through bravery we learn and grow. 


What does bravery look like?

Students with bravery might:

  • participate in class discussions and offer their opinions;
  • try new activities and experiences;
  • speak out if they disagree with something. 

Teachers with bravery might:

  • try new ways of teaching their subject area;
  • be willing to speak out;
  • make a decision despite disagreement.