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Presenting yourself in an authentic way.

Why does honesty matter?

Honesty is about acting and speaking in ways that reflect what you really think and feel. Honesty is important as it enables us to live by our personal values and not compromise who we are for the sake of others.

Honesty is about living with integrity and making decisions that are true to who you are.


What does honesty look like?

Students with honesty might:

  • share their opinions in class discussions;
  • have clarity around their values;
  • make decisions based on their own values and not be influenced by others;
  • take responsibility for their actions.

Teachers with honesty might:

  • provide constructive feedback;
  • share their opinions and perspectives;
  • have consistent standards and high moral principles.

"Integrity is doing the right thing. Even when no-one is watching." 
C.S Lewis