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Persisting towards goals despite challenges. Having grit.

Why does perseverance matter?

Perseverance is about having the ability to stay focussed on a goal even when challenges come your way. When you persevere, you know that working hard matters and that life is not always smooth sailing. People who persevere achieve their goals and complete tasks.



What does perseverance look like?

Students with perseverance might:

  • develop and deepen their interests through their time at school;
  • stick with commitments, even when it’s difficult;
  • not quit a sport in the middle of the season;
  • revise an essay repeatedly;
  • ask other people for feedback about how they can improve.

Teachers with perseverance might:

  • seek feedback on their classroom practice;
  • strive every day to do one small thing better than they did it yesterday;
  • set and track goals for their students’ achievement.