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Living life with enthusiasm, energy and anticipation.

Why does zest matter?

Zestful people live life wholeheartedly. They approach tasks with enthusiasm and anticipation; and are vivacious and energetic. With zest, people enjoy things more and persevere to achieve challenging tasks.

It is rare for zestful people to do things half-heartedly- they are alive and activated. Zest is a character strength that is strongly correlated with life satisfaction and positivity. Zest is contagious and cultivates collaboration and positive relationships. 



What does zest look like?

Students with zest might:

  • motivate team members to achieve their goals;
  • live in the present and enjoy life;
  • be enthusiastic about their learning;
  • make learning fun. 

Teachers with zest might:

  • find meaning and purpose in their teaching;
  • be energetic and make learning enjoyable for their students;
  • be enthusiastic to try new things and get fully involved in school life.