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Doing good deeds for others and taking care of them.

Why does kindness matter?

With kindness you are enthusiastic to do favours for others. Kindness is about generosity, care and compassion. You’ re generous to others for their sake and don’t expect any personal benefit. Kindness is a strength that builds community, connection and well-being.


What does kindness look like?

Students with kindness might:

  • help a classmate that is finding a task to be difficult;
  • share their notes or ideas;
  • enjoy participating in community service projects;
  • coach a sporting team or become a peer mentor.

Teachers with kindness might:

  • share resources and knowledge with their colleagues;
  • contribute to an extra curricular activity or a community service project;
  • take extra time to teach and tutor students;
  • talk through a problem with a colleague or student.