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Valuing close relations with others.

Why does love matter?

When love is a strength, you value being close to people and have the capacity to cultivate strong relationships where caring and sharing is reciprocated. Whether it be family members, colleagues or friends, you value and prioritise the close relationships you have in your life. The capacity to develop strong and supportive relationships is vital for our overall well-being and resilience. Research shows that, in the end, it is relationships that matter most in creating a flourishing life. 


What does love look like?

Students with love might:

  • have a close group of friends that they spend a lot of time with;
  • develop close relationships with a teacher or mentor;
  • enjoy spending time with family.

Teachers with love might:

  • form strong relationships;
  • create a caring and supportive classroom environment;
  • take extra time to teach and tutor students;
  • be interested in others.