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The ability to accept the shortcomings of others and to move on from challenges.

Why does forgiveness matter?

Forgiveness is about giving people a second chance after they have done wrong. People strong in this strength prefer to move on after a transgression. They value harmonious relationships and do not focus on the wrongdoings or shortcomings of other people. Forgiveness is important in building relationships as it releases judgement and allows people to grow and change.

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What does forgiveness look like?

Students with forgiveness might:

  • focus on the positives of people and be accepting;
  • make others feel valued;
  • be empathetic and understanding.

Teachers with forgiveness might:

  • create a positive and safe class environment where all students feel valued and accepted;
  • move on from any transgressions in class;
  • focus on the positives and strengths of students.