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Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence

Noticing and appreciating beauty, excellence, and skilled performance in various domains of life.

Why does appreciation of beauty and excellence matter?

Appreciation of beauty and excellence relates to the human tendency to feel powerful transcendent emotions when noticing beauty in the world. This may be experienced as feelings of awe, wonder or elevation. People with this strength love the arts- music, literature or art. They are easily moved by nature, spiritual experiences or even a beautiful mathematics equation. This strength is outward looking; when people experience awe they can have a broader sense of perspective in their personal lives, a deeper sense of connection to humanity and a renewed sense of purpose. 


 What does appreciation of beauty and excellence look like?

Students with appreciation of beauty and excellence might:

  • enjoy creating art, music, writing or films;
  • be inspired by seeing exemplars of fine work or art;
  • enjoy time in nature;
  • praise their peers and appreciate strengths in other people.

Teachers with appreciation of beauty and excellence might:

  • use excellent examples to inspire their students;
  • provide positive feedback to students who excel;
  • create a beautiful environment for students to learn in;
  • teach their subject within a broad perspective of the world.