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Expecting the best for the future and working to achieve it.

Why does hope matter?

Hope is about seeing the world as ‘glass half full’ and having positive expectations for the future. When you are hopeful, you have goals for the future, you believe they will be achieved, and you behave in such a way that promotes the realisation of your beliefs. Optimistic people have broad perspectives, take action to attain their goals and believe they can make positive things happen in their lives.



What does hope look like?

Students with hope might:

  • think positively about their learning and assessment and take action to achieve pleasing results;
  • see possibilities in the future and have plans for what they would like to achieve;
  • support others in an optimistic way; hope is contagious.

Teachers with hope might:

  • see potential in students and create plans to make things happen;
  • support colleagues with optimistic perspectives;
  • have a vision for how a subject could improve in the future.