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The ability to generate and appreciate the 'lighter side' of the moment.

Why does humour matter?

Humour relates to the ability to experience and ignite laughter in others. People strong in the humour strength are able to see the lighter side in a situation. Humour is a ubiquitous, highly ingrained, and largely meaningful aspect of the human experience and therefor is a highly valued trait. People with humour as a strength make strong connections with others and can build positive relationships. Humour also contributes to both our physical and psychological well-being and boosts positivity and optimism. There is research that indicates that humour is often the springboard for creativity in the workplace.



 What does humour look like?

Students with humour might:

  • enjoy offering laughter to others in class discussions;
  • enjoy playing and being creative;
  • build positivity with their peer group, even in stressful times.

Teachers with humour might:

  • provide memorable learning experiences for students;
  • create a learning environment that is positive, fun and playful;
  • be a valued team member and colleague.