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Having beliefs about the meaning and purpose of the world we live in.

Why does spirituality matter?

Spirituality relates to the ability to hold coherent beliefs about the 'big picture' meaning and purpose of the world we live in. People who have spirituality as a strength have a clear idea of how they fit within the larger scheme. These beliefs shape their values and provide faith. Research indicates that spirituality is a strength that is strongly correlated with higher life satisfaction. A more expansive view of the world is associated with increased gratitude, compassion, a greater sense of connection and understanding of meaning and purpose. 

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What does spirituality look like?

Students with spirituality might:

  • be able to put challenging situations into perspective;
  • understand how they are connected to others and act in compassionate ways;
  • enjoy having time to connect with the sacred.

Teachers with spirituality might:

  • provide wise counsel to students;
  • find meaning and purpose in their vocation and live true to their values;
  • enjoy making a contribution to others.