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Judgement/Critical Thinking

Thinking things through logically and examining them from all sides.

Why does critical thinking matter?

People who think critically can process information in a deliberate, systematic and logical way. With critical thinking, we analyse and evaluate facts in order to form a clear, rational and evidence based judgment. Critical thinking is an essential skill and is important for research, problem solving and decision making.

Critical thinkers challenge assumptions and biases in order to improve their understanding. 

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What does critical thinking look like?

Students with critical thinking might:

  • apply relevant and well-focused questions to information and opinions;
  • seek clarity, consistency and accuracy;
  • be interested in the causes and implications of events, systems and ideas;
  • question, critique and challenge ideas in class discussions.

Teachers with critical thinking might:

  • teach with clarity, consistency and accuracy;
  • use their reasoning skills to analyse and evaluate student work;
  • ask questions that require exploration, evaluation or synthesis.