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Love of Learning

Enjoying the process of mastering new skills, topics, and bodies of knowledge.

Why does love of learning matter?

When people enjoy learning, they learn for learning’s sake and are able to persevere even when the task proves difficult or they experience failure. With a love of learning, students are lifelong learners and continue to deepen and broaden their knowledge base.


What does love of learning look like?

Students with love of learning might:

  • research information and ask questions;
  • enjoy learning even if the information is not relevant to an assessment;
  • enjoy meeting new people and having conversations that involve learning about new topics.

Teachers with a love of learning might:

  • have a broad and deep knowledge base;
  • continue to seek knowledge in their subject area by pursuing professional development or study;
  • enjoy learning about the science of teaching and learning;
  • be engaged when learning new information for their lessons.