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Perspective and Wisdom

Valuing diverse perspectives and seeing the bigger picture.

Why does perspective matter?

People who think with perspective have an open mind and appreciate viewpoints other than their own. This enables them to see the big picture and make important connections. With perspective, you’re good at looking at a situation from different angles, and people appreciate your insight and wisdom and will often seek your counsel.


What does perspective look like?

Students with perspective might:

  • excel in subjects that value seeing the ‘big picture’- Geography, History or English;
  • will listen and value different people’s opinions in a discussion;
  • enjoy seeking advice and insight from other people;
  • be willing to support and offer advice to their peers.

Teachers with perspective might:

  • enjoy teaching about the ‘big picture’ and consider multiple perspectives in their lessons;
  • enjoy strategic planning;
  • be able to provide advice to others and put things in to perspective so that students and colleagues see the wider view.