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Easter 2020

Thursday 9 April 2020

In this time of unprecedented change, isolation is a new challenge for us as a St Andrew’s College community. The Chaplaincy Team have put in place weekly reflective prayer, podcasts and messages online to support those who would like continued support during this period of lockdown. The material has been designed and produced to minister to our immediate and wider community. Grace and Peace to you all during this time of change.

Assistant Chaplain, Jo Morrow



We invite you to view a recording of this week's message.

Reflections for Pause

Be Still

I captured this picture on Lake Taupo in 2018. We were about to go into a tense game of football to make National Top Four. Keeping calm and allowing each person to trust the other was pivotal in making it through to the next round. The day was still, and this yacht was anchored in a lake waiting for imminent change of weather.

Being anchored in times of calm is just as important as the rough, but we need to know we can trust what is keeping us grounded in what we do and who we are. Just because we are in isolation doesn’t mean we are relaxed. This needs to be intentional and the act of being calm practiced.

Keeping things real in our lives and being honest and transparent with who we are helps to keep us grounded. Taking time out to relax and enable the human mind, heart and soul to be ready for change is essential when we need to adapt to change.

Take time out to be still. Find ways to relax and be intentional about this next phase of isolation.

be still

Prayer of Reflection

sunrise sm


Thank you for your peace that transcends this present time of isolation;

As we learn more about the journey of Jesus Christ and his selfless pursuit of life itself.  That his own journey of discomfort, pain, disappointment and separation can become a model of how we too can respond and dwell in your presence, knowing better your peace in times of fear and faith in times of doubt.

For in you and through you, all things become possible.

For some, this time is uncertain and difficult.  The anxiety of the unknown or path forward can be a challenge too much to bear.  May we reach out to you with our frustration and concerns of the unfamiliar and allow your way of grace and peace to surpass these circumstances.

For in you and through you, all things become possible.

May we seek out your ways that will minister to our design, our need for greater awareness and connection with you. As we then reach back to you, may your love surround us and comfort us, for we know that this time will pass.

For in you and through you, all things become possible.

Give us the strength to support those closest to us.  May we be a community built on a practice of selfless pursuit of life. That we desire to see the weak made strong and become peacemakers who see a vision beyond ill health and isolation.  Allow this time to transform and reset the things in our lives that bring meaning and purpose.

For in you and through you, all things become possible.


Photo: ‘It Is Done’ | Christchurch Sunrise 2019 | Andrew Murray (OC 1982)


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