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OCA Executive Welcomes New President


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The St Andrew’s College Old Collegians Association saw a ‘changing of the guard’ and the welcoming of a new era when Jonathan Wells handed over the reins as OCA President to Meg Black (OC 2010) at this year’s Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 9 September 2020. With Rector, Christine Leighton, Board Chair, Bryan Pearson, and over 40 Old Collegians, honorary Old Collegians, friends and family in attendance, Meg Black became the first female president of the Old Collegians Association.

As acknowledged by Christine Leighton, this was a proud moment for all young women and young men to see Meg welcomed into this role – and equally proud for all Old Collegians. The OCA Executive continues strongly and alongside Meg Black stands James Tapper (OC 2010), Louise Merrick (OC 2012), Kelvin McMillan (OC 1977), Mark Mulholland (OC 1973), Cameron Darby (OC 2010), Nick Letham (OC 2001), Gideon Couper (OC 1987), Jonathan Wells (OC 1987), Stuart Munro (OC 2003) and Zoe Merrick (OC 2014).

OCA President, Meg Black (OC 2010) with Rector, Christine Leighton.

Left to Right: Immediate Past President, Jonathan Wells (OC 1987), Rector, Christine Leighton, OCA President, Meg Black (OC 2010).


OCA Executive 2020

Back row: Stuart Munro (OC 2003), Nick Letham (OC 2001), Mark Mulholland (OC 1973), Kelvin McMillan (OC 1977) and Gideon Couper (OC 1987).

Front row: Rector, Christine Leighton, James Tapper (OC 2010), Meg Black (OC 2010) and Jonathan Wells (OC 1987)

Absent: Louise Merrick (OC 2012), Cameron Darby (OC 2010) and Zoe Merrick (OC 2014)