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Cultural Contract

Students representing St Andrew’s College cultural activities are encouraged to strive for excellence in presentation, preparation, and performance so that the cultural group and the individual become the best they can be.

St Andrew's College students:
  1. Be committed. Attend all weekly rehearsals and all performances. Please note that most cultural activities are a year-long commitment, so ensure that you can balance all activities.
  2. Email absences in advance to the group director or manager.
  3. Be kind, helpful and considerate. Help others keep focused in rehearsal, help set up and pack up and be respectful of the tutor and other group members.
  4. Growth mind-set. All performance students are expected to grow over the year. This means remaining open to direction and applying feedback to improve the work of both individuals and the group.
  5. Take personal responsibility for learning. Students will need to carry out extra practise outside of weekly rehearsal time, working in sectionals, specific passages, sequences, or script work as indicated by the group director.
  6. Be prepared. Where appropriate, students bring a pencil and eraser to rehearsals in order to note changes on music or script and/or record sections for rehearsal, e.g. in dance. Bring the correct equipment, script, music, and gear to each rehearsal.
  7. a) Instrumentalists are expected the keep their instrument in good playing condition. This includes peripherals such as bows, reeds, mouthpieces. Also, having one's own mutes, rock-stops, strings, valve oil, slide or cork grease, etc.
    b) Choir students are strongly encouraged to have lessons to help them better understand their own instrument.
  8. Always wear the full and correct uniform required for performances.
  9. Always act in a manner that brings credit to yourself, the group, and the College.
  10. Respect the rights, dignity and worth of all participants regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background,  or religion.