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Our vision for e-Learning is to develop learners who can connect confidently and actively in their community. We aim to produce responsible students who make informed decisions when using ICT in their learning.

To support this vision, all students from Year 7 are required to bring their own laptop, selected from a range of recommended models.

This environment, where there is one computer per one student, from a specific range of recommended models, is known as 1:1 Computing. This is different from a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programme, where students can bring whatever computer they already own to class.

How regularly will my child use their computer in their classwork?

This will differ from class to class and teacher to teacher. Some subjects lend themselves to using a computer more naturally than others. All teachers participate in ongoing professional development and implementation time to allow them to feel confident in teaching a class of students where every student has a laptop.

Our expectation is that in most subject areas the laptops will be used more often than not, with Microsoft OneNote used extensively by the majority of teachers.

What about when my child needs to handwrite examinations?

All students will still need to handwrite most of their assessment in formal examinations, particularly external examinations. Our e-Learning teachers require students to submit all practice assessments using handwriting, which allows for students to gauge how many pages they write per hour and prepare realistically for external examinations.

Does St Andrew's College provide any internet filtering?

Yes – all student traffic is monitored and logged, with objectionable material being blocked.

Where can my child store their laptop securely?

We suggest that students store their laptops in their lockers. All existing lockers are secure and large enough to contain the recommended laptop devices.

Will my child be able to print from their own laptop?

Yes – all students will be able to print wirelessly to the College copiers.

What options can the College provide for backing up the computer?

The College recommends that students use cloud storage offered via our Microsoft 365 subscription, called OneDrive. This will protect data against laptop loss or hardware failure. Assistance and instructions on how to configure this is available from the ICT Helpdesk.

How will my child be able to charge their laptop?

Students are required to bring a fully charged device to school each day and take responsibility to remember to charge it beforehand. Students are also required to bring their laptop chargers to school.

Will there be any IT technical support for my child and their laptop?

Yes – there is a team in the ICT Helpdesk that can help students with support requests.

What do all the acronyms mean?

Bring Your Own Device. Typically associated with the bringing of any device you currently own with little to no standardisation.

A formalised programme where there is one laptop for every student. At St Andrew's College we strongly suggest that students choose one of the recommended devices, which are detailed on the Device Recommendation page.

How do I find out more information?

If you have any particular questions, please contact our Chief Information Officer, Dave Hart on or +64 3 940 2054.