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Curriculum – Secondary School 2022

This online curriculum is designed to help you plan your courses for next year, but you are also encouraged to think about courses that you might do beyond next year. At St Andrew’s College we have a flexible curriculum, and we try to cater for all types of course combinations so that students can be confident that they can study the type of course they wish, year by year. Your choice of course will largely dictate our options structure, and so you are asked to consider carefully and select from the courses open to you.

Planning for the Future

What might you want to study and do in the future?

We recommend that you follow a broad course of study for as long as you can during your time at St Andrew’s – there is always the opportunity to try something new along the way. Of course, as you move through the College, you will also need to consider the different requirements for future study and career pathways. This applies particularly to when you are studying in Years 12 and 13 and if you are planning to move on to study at tertiary level.

Decision Making

It is important to make a good decision.

It is important to discuss option choices before making a final selection. Keep in mind the information and advice provided on courses, and on making a good career choice. We work hard to provide a course of study that meets the needs of each and every student and have consultation and guidance available.

Core and Option Subjects

All the courses are grouped according to year level. On each year level page, you can filter the subjects by core and option at that level. Students and parents in Year 9 (2022) are asked to read the guidelines and requirements for subject selections very carefully. In Year 11, English, Science and Mathematics make up the compulsory core, and you are also able to choose from a wide range of option subjects, many of which are also taught in Year 9 and/or Year 10. In Year 12, with the exception of English, you are largely free to choose the courses that you wish to take. The College does, however, recommend that in Years 11, 12 and 13, some students take certain courses which are considered to provide additional support to their learning. It is important that the programmes you choose are best suited to your academic ability and future plans.

Entry Requirements

In Years 11, 12 and 13, class placement depends mainly on the choice of subjects and on students having met specific entry requirements. These entry requirements set a minimum level of performance on which a student is able to base successful study in a particular year and are designed to guide, not limit, students’ options. Where a particular requirement is stated, a student is expected to meet that in order for their selection to be approved. Please read these carefully.

Class Sizes and Subject Selection

It is very important that the level of staffing we have matches the demand for subjects. Option subjects will operate only if they maintain a suitable class size. While we hope that it does not occur, it is possible that some students may not get all of their preferred options, and this is why you must provide more than the minimum number when making your selections. ‘Back-up’ subject selections must be provided for such cases.


All course selections are made online and must be made no later than 5.00pm on Friday 3 September 2021. Selections made after this date will likely mean that an alternative course will need to be chosen. The same will apply to any student who wishes to change their options later on. Changes are possible only if the courses are not full and if the new choices fit the option lines. If a student changes their mind about options after the completion of the timetable, it may not be possible to accommodate those changes. If you require further help, you must contact both your Dean and the Head of Department of the course in which you are interested.