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Adrian Mole and the Weapons of Mass Destruction

By Sue Townsend

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Book review written by Theo Meek (Year 10, 2022)

Adrian Mole writes a journal, besetting himself on a mid life crisis in search of fulfilment, as an unmarried man in his 30s. He experiences many trips, trials and tribulations along the way, all while in a looming threat of critical debt, which he idealistically plans to pay off in a bet revolving around Weapons of Mass Destruction. 
Adrian Mole is profane, in that is so easy to relate to. Sue Townsend perfectly creates an experimental hybrid of realism, and surreal comedy. Adrian Mole's inner voice can echo in yours for months after reading, since he feels as if he is a living part of the world. His struggles are common, like his abused debt, his successes are nihilistically projected as frail and insignificant, yet you can still level with Adrian Mole's woes and pains. 

Adrian Mole and the WMDS also manages to perfectly emulate the reader's connection to accents. Sue Townsend creates characters vibrant with such personality, that, sensory fulfilments you can not get from reading a book will break through the fourth wall. You can hear the accents of the characters, and feel their pain, disappointment and victory. Adrian Mole, the main character, obviously has the famous submissive "intellectual" tone many in Britain carry. Marigold Flowers, another character, can easily be perceived through all senses. 

Imperatively, Adrian Mole can allow anybody, as it did to me, improve upon our life by avoiding the errors of the main character. Adrian is paranoid, so readers can learn to be brave.   
I recommend this book to all those struggling with very common issues. Empathising and learning from a fictional representation of normal woes is an incredible, if not interactive way to confront your issues. 

Townsend, S (2006). Adrian Mole and the Weapons of Mass Destruction

Book review written by Theo Meek (Year 10, 2022)