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Biggles: In France

By W E Johns

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Book review written by Lachlan Johns (Year 9 2018)

Captain W.E. Johns was a fighter pilot in World War I. He flew the plane called D.H.4. This was a single engine fighter plane with two wings (biplane). He was captured when his D.H.4 crashed over enemy lines. He then made a daring escape from an enemy prison camp in 1918. Between wars he edited Flying and other popular flying magazines. This is where he got the idea for the first Biggles book – Biggles: The Camels are Coming. He went on to write 102 Biggles books.

The book that I will be reviewing is Biggles: In France. I have just finished reading this book and it was fantastic. I loved how it gave you a feeling like you were back in the cockpit of the World War 1 camel biplane. Biggles is who most pilots in WWI thought was the best pilot. Whether or not he was based on a real person is still unknown. The story is more like a lot of short stories than a big book. I think this breaks it up well, also it tells you the true fact, that in the Great War you didn't have one big problem but lots of little missions that you had to overcome.

This book is great for any ages. You get the most out of the book if you read all of the little missions that Biggles goes on. Also, it may help if you love planes or are open to loving them. Before I read this book, I thought that all the air battles were in the Second World War, but after reading Biggles: In France, I changed my mind.

I think that everyone should read at least one of the Biggles books in their life if they want to live life to the fullest. And if you have already read one then you should read another one and see if you get hooked like I have. The school library has a wide range if you ever feel the need to read one of them (you will).

Thanks for reading this review. I hope it has made you want to read more books and write a review of your own.

Johns, W. E. (2015). Biggles: In France.

Book review written by Lachlan Johns (Year 9 2018)