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By Linwood Barclay

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Book review written by Corbin Riddle (Year 10 2020)

The book, Chase, is a story about a dog named Chipper. The dog who born and raised in a lab, is a very smart dog who escapes the lab and goes on the run. Chipper is chased after by the man who is in charge of the lab. In his effort to avoid being captured Chipper ends up running out in front of a truck which is driven by a character named Jeff.  This is a turning point as Jeff then looks after Chipper. He eventually finds out that Chipper has an inserted screen in his body that translates information so they can talk. Jeff tries to hide and keep Chipper safe from the people on the run to find him from the lab.

Something that grabbed me was the intensity about the book was great and it didn’t take long to get into the action unlike most books.

I would recommend this book to teenagers that don’t read much because it could be a book that teenagers would find interesting because they don’t have to get to the middle of the book for it to grab their attention. Chase is a book that is part of a series of two books. The plot was good enough to entice me to read the second one which is titled, Escape and was easily just as good as this one.

Barclay, L. (1997). Chase.

Book review written by Corbin Riddle (Year 10 2020)