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By Cornelia Funke

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Book review written by Megan Blackwood (Year 13 2018)

Even though this book transports the reader into a world of childlike fantasy and wonder, it is also filled with darker themes that can appeal to readers of all ages. Follow Meggie as she lives out the fantasy of all book lovers – having her favourite book characters come to life. Only instead of being in a dream, Meggie is living in a nightmare as the characters her father read to life years ago re-enter their lives to terrorise them.

Inkheart, as well as the two other books in the trilogy (Inkspell and Inkdeath) uses a variety of descriptive language that brings the story to life while keeping the reader engaged. I would strongly recommend this book to any readers 12+. With elements of traditional fantasy, Funke has also managed to weave her own, modern twist into Inkheart.

Funke, C. (2003). Inkheart.

Book review written by Megan Blackwood (Year 13 2018)