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Life In A Jar

By Jack Mayer

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Book review written by Luke Zhu (Year 9 2018)

Life in a Jar is a bestselling, award-winning book written by Jack Mayer, first published on June 1, 2005, that details the heart-warming and inspiring story of Holocaust hero Irena Sendler and her ‘rescuers’. Three Kansas high school girls, all with their own personal burdens, were credited with ‘rescuing the rescuer’ by uncovering Sendler’s legendary story. Irena Sendler saved over 2500 Jewish children during the course of World War II – more than double Oskar Schindler’s number – yet her name was largely unknown. The trio of Kansan girls, amazed and appalled that her story had yet to be publicised, sought to bring her valiant and heroic actions into the spotlight – and they were extraordinarily successful.

“You see a man drowning, you must try to save him even if you cannot swim.” – Irena Sendler

Life in a Jar is a fantastic novel which conveys themes of courage, hope, and tolerance of other religions and beliefs. The quote framed above is, in my opinion, a poignant message which accentuates the themes of bravery and courage explored in the book. Although on paper these themes would be perfect for children, there are scenes that are quite grim and deeply unsuitable for younger minds. The story does however have many heartfelt moments and the story itself is one we can all learn from. I highly recommend this book to anyone that is over 15, and especially for teachers and students since it conveys a message of how one person can change the world.

Mayer, J. (2005). Life In A Jar.

Book review written by Luke Zhu (Year 9 2018)