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By Dr Matteo Farinella and Dr Hana Roš

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Book review written by Ms Helaina Coote, Assistant Head of Secondary School (Academic), English Teacher

Ever wondered what goes on in that space between your ears? Neurocomic by Dr Matteo Farinella and Dr Hana Roš has been written to help answer this question.

Goodreads describes this informative comic on how the brain works as, “a journey through the human brain: A place of neuron forests, memory caves, and castles of deception. Along the way, you’ll encounter Boschean beasts, giant squid, guitar-playing sea slugs, and the great pioneers of neuroscience”.

This book draws on an increasing body of knowledge about how brains function and is a helpful way of unpacking the science of the brain, a topic extremely important for us as educators. The art helps simplify what can be complex concepts and by the end, you will have a greater understanding what your brain is made up of, how memory functions, what a neuron is and how it works.

Farinella, M., Roš, H. (2013). Neurocomic.

Book review written by Ms Helaina Coote, Assistant Head of Secondary School (Academic), English Teacher



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