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Reach for Greatness

By Yong Zhao

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Book review written by Principal of Preparatory School, Jonathan Bierwirth​

This is my current best read. Yong Zhao has the view that most people are born with talent but generally these talents are not realised. In most countries, there continues to be a propensity to focus on literacy and mathematics. Yong argues schools and teachers need to be more open to identifying and developing individual talent. Talent and passion can lead to excellence.

Our children are growing up in a rapidly changing world, and they all have the ability to be excellent at something of value – something that may well provide a true income source.

As educators, we need to be excited by the opportunity to work with students who show true creativity and talent, and who need us to encourage and support. 

In this College, we have staff who work in this way. This is a book that will give you the encouragement and drive to continue to pursue your amazing work with these talented young people.

Yong Zhao talking to staff at Wesley College, Melbourne:

Zhao, Y. (2018). Reach for Greatness.

Book review written by Principal of Preparatory School, Jonathan Bierwirth