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Shooting Stars

By Brian Falkner

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Book review written by Miss Liz Gormack, Year 11 Dean 2019, English and Media Studies Teacher

If you like a bit of hunting, then Shooting Stars, by New Zealand author Brian Falkner may catch your interest. Egan Tucker and him mum have hidden in the New Zealand bush since he was a baby, and he’s now 15 years old. Looking after himself in the bush isn’t a problem, but when he’s forced to venture out into the world as we know it, things become a bit more difficult. And then there’s his father, a major rugby star, who has been out of the picture for a good reason…

This book is written in a diary-type format which makes it interesting to read. I enjoyed how Egan wouldn’t understand things that you and I might take for granted. For example, when he’s trying to get his belongings back from some street kids he’s so innocent about language that he doesn’t realise they’re swearing at him:

“It’s not stealing if it was mine in the first place,” I said. “Give it back to me.”

“Four Q’s,” he said. (I must try to find out what this means.)

NB: say Four Q’s out loud. This book reminded me a little of the film Hunt for the Wilderpeople, or one of Barry Crump’s short hunting stories. I actually couldn’t put it down and read it in just one weekend. Enjoy!



Falkner, B. (2016). Shooting Stars.

Book review written by Miss Liz Gormack, Year 11 Dean 2019, English and Media Studies Teacher