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Woman in the Wilderness

By Miriam Lancewood

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Book review written by Dugald Blue (Year 12 2018)

For the past few weeks, I’ve been reading, Woman in the Wilderness by Miriam Lancewood. The book is written from the point of view of Miriam Lancewood, a Dutch woman who leaves society and the comforts of everyday life in order to experience real life with her husband Peter. At first, it was a big hurdle for the couple to overcome, but once they embraced danger and the beauty of nature, the two couldn’t think of a better way to live life, where every day is meaningful. Each chapter consists of a new adventure, ranging from their first journey into the wilderness, to exciting tales of hunting and exploring. With the help of many interesting characters they discover “off the grid”, the Lancewoods become capable survivors who can withstand the worst.

Only having each other to keep themselves company, Peter and Miriam gain new and interesting views on life and how one should act to be happy. The conversations they have in this book are very insightful and act as a type of teaching or lesson. I enjoyed these parts of the story a lot because even though I come from a sheep and beef background, I haven’t been put to the test against nature like the Lancewoods, so it is a privilege to be able to read about their ideas and then somehow implement them into my life.

I highly recommend this book to everyone! It is easy to follow and understand which is great because it paints such a clear picture in your mind, and in my opinion, those are the best types of books. It is quite a large book, but reading a little every day seems to be the way to go. I spent most afternoons reading this while drinking a nice cup of coffee with honey and finished the book over three or four weeks. I think this book would be particularly good for those who like being outside doing hunting, tramping or farming, and for those who like to think and come up with ideas.

Lancewood, M. (2017). Woman in the Wilderness.

Book review written by Dugald Blue (Year 12 2018)