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By R. J. Palacio

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Book review written by Ashley White (Year 10 2020)

This eye-opening book is about a young boy named Auggie that has a medical condition that has caused his face to be deformed in many different places. At the start of the book he says "I won’t describe what I look like. Whatever you’re thinking, it’s probably worse.” You can probably tell from that sentence that his face was pretty different to others. In Auggie’s ten years of life he learned to live with people's reactions to him. He doesn't like it, but he knows people will always stare at him and think of him as a freak. His parents have been protecting him by home-schooling him, but that changes when his mum decides to send him to a mainstream school. This book takes you through Auggie’s life in High School where he comes across many challenges, especially when he encounters bullies.

Wonder is written from different people’s perspective, so every chapter it changes from one person’s perspective to another. I like this because you get to see different people’s points of view and reasoning, so it makes the whole story a lot easier to understand. This type of narration allows us as readers to better appreciate Auggie’s life.

Something that I took away from this book is the idea that everyone’s true colours will show through at some point. This is an important and universal idea.

This means this book will be a superb book for teenage students going through high school struggling with self-acceptance, bullies and friendships because it shows that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Palacio, R. J. (2012). Wonder.

Book review written by Ashley White (Year 10 2020)