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Senior College Options

The Senior College Options Programme is a unique feature of St Andrew’s College. The programme provides students with the opportunity to study subject areas that will broaden their outlook, generate insight into career and general life skills and equip them with skills for advancement in their studies. All students in the Senior College are involved in the Options Programme in addition to their academic studies. Option classes are timetabled on Monday Period 6, for six periods each term, apart from Term 4.

In order to meet the requirements for the Senior College Diploma, all students will need to complete five options over two years. Any students new to the College in Year 13 will need to complete three options. The awarding of a credit for each option results from full participation in the option course chosen.

All Year 12 students will be required to complete the Future Pathways Option. Students will be allocated to the term that they are required to complete this option. Students cannot complete more than one option per term.

The Senior College Options Programme is managed by Mr Webster. For further information, please email 


Students should view all options available below before making their choice. Options will be selected at three times during the year:

  • beginning of Term 1 for Term 1 option courses;
  • end of Term 1 for Term 2 option courses;
  • end of Term 2 for Term 3 option courses.

For Year 13 students, if you are involved in a scholarship class on Monday Period 6, please see Mr Webster to discuss your options.

It is important that you check the price of each option prior to registration.

Staff personally contact the parents of students to seek consent for participation in an option where:

  • a risk factor has been identified (e.g. fixed wing flying, surfing, scuba diving);
  • an option class fee exceeds $160.00.

Option fees are disbursed to a student's account once registration is finalised.



When: Monday, 3.00pm–5.00pm

Where: Vision College, 50 Hazeldean Road, Addington

Cost: $240

Class Size: 6–8 students

Areas of Study: Unit standards 17284 and 17285.

Knowing how to make good coffee is a foot-in-the-door to most holiday jobs now. This course covers the origins of coffee and how it is processed, along with the types of coffee and what affects their flavour when made in cafes. The second half of the course is hands-on and you will learn how to make various types of coffee, such as Long Black, Cappuccino and Flat White.

Please notice the time that this course runs.

Basketball Umpiring

When: Monday Period 6

Where: St Andrew's College (venue to be confirmed)

Training Provider: To be confirmed

Training Fee: $60.00

Class Size: 10–16 students

Areas of Study:

  • CBA associate umpires' course;
  • basketball rules and principles;
  • practical game time.


When: Monday Period 6

Where: St Andrew's College (venue to be confirmed)

Training Provider: Dave Heath

Training Fee: $70.00

Special Conditions: Appropriate training gear required

Class Size: 10–16 students

Areas of Study:

  • boxer circuit training;
  • develops muscle strength;
  • improves cardiovascular and endurance ability;
  • ideal pre-season training.

Contemporary Art Painting

When: Monday Period 6

Where: St Andrew's College (venue to be confirmed)

Training Provider: Sandy Gottermeyer

Training Fee: $180.00 – this is an approximate cost subject to class size, any changes will be notified. Materials for the art painting are provided.

Class Size: 6–8 students

Areas of Study:

  • tuition in encaustic painting techniques;
  • different paint application methods;
  • developing an awareness of volume and form;
  • completion of an art painting project.

About Sandy Gottermeyer:

Art has always been a major part of Sandy’s life. Having sold her first pencil drawing at the age of 15 years to Sir Ronald Scott, Sandy subsequently sold work both privately and through a variety of galleries and shows. While working as a Banking Manager then mostly recently as she raised her family, Sandy completed a number of courses to extend her range. In the late 1990s, having studied Art and Creativity at the Learning Connection (Wellington), she extended her range to pastels, painting and sculpture. A mixed media course at Bathhurst University (Australia) initiated even greater diversity, notably nudes in pastel and North Canterbury landscapes in oil.

Sandy is also recognised in the North Canterbury area as a talented art teacher. For 20 years her classes for children, youth and adults focused on introducing a range of techniques and media. Local schools also employed her to teach both students and staff.

Sandy attained her lifelong ambition to complete a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in 2015. Her work uses the ancient medium of encaustic, the interplay of beeswax and colour medium to evoke Turner’s atmospheric pre-impressionist landscapes.

Sandy is recognised as an emerging artist on the national scene. Sandy’s work was one of 14 pieces chosen for the prestigious University of Canterbury ‘Select ‘15’ exhibition. Subsequently her work has been bought by Wrightmann Collection.

Cricket Umpiring

When: Monday Period 6

Where: Cricket Pavillion

Training Provider: Mike Johnson

Training Fee: No Charge

Class Size: 6–8 students

Areas of Study:

  • the laws of cricket;
  • signals;
  • special regulations;
  • expectations;
  • best practice.

Defensive Driving – An Evening Course

When: Monday/Wednesday, 6:30pm–8:30pm (available throughout the year).
Four two-hour theory sessions (new course each month).
One hour practical driving session with instructor on completion of theory.

If you select this Option, you also need to register with Mrs Simmons in the Senior College Office for the pre-course administration.

Where: St Andrew's College Cricket Pavillion

Training Provider: Mike Smith

Training Fee: $140.00 (approximate cost, subject to class size)

Special Conditions:

  • Learners License holder – complete this course just before sitting your restricted;
  • Restricted License holder – complete this course at any time. It will reduce the full license requirement by six months.

Class Size: 10–15 students

Areas of Study:

  • causes of crashes;
  • your driving profile;
  • searching and assessing hazards;
  • reducing risks.

On completion of this course, candidates will get six months off their restricted license.

First Aid

When: Monday Period 6 (until approximately 4.30pm)

Please note, this programme requires at least 8 hours to gain certification.

Where: St Andrew's College (venue to be confirmed)

Training Provider: Red Cross

Training Fee: $100.00

Class Size: 10–12 students

Areas of Study:

  • introduction to First Aid;
  • life support (CPR);
  • bleeding, shock;
  • fractures, sprains;
  • burns, poisoning, and head injuries.

Food for Flatting

When: Monday Period 6 or Thursday lunchtime

Where: TC202

Training Provider: Lesley Palmer

Training Fee: $60.00

Class Size: 15 students

Areas of Study:
Students will use a variety of recipes to create meals that will be useful when they go flatting. At the end of this Option Programme, you will go away with a recipe book, techniques and useful tips for preparing your own meals.

Learning to Drive

When: Monday, 2.30pm–4.00pm

Where: St Andrew's College

Training Provider: Owen Wood, Cashmere Driving School

Training Fee: Subject to activities undertaken

Open to all students at all levels of driving license qualification.

Areas of Study:

  • slow manoeuvres (e.g. parallel parking);
  • passing;
  • accelerating and braking on various surfaces;
  • emphasis on improving practical driving skills;
  • suitable for learner drivers.

Learn Italian (Conversational Emphasis)

When: Monday Period 6

Where: St Andrew's College (venue to be confirmed)

Training Provider: Beniamino Petrosino

Training Fee: $80.00

Class Size: 8–12 students

Areas of Study:
Italian (Italiano) is a Romance language currently spoken by some 66,000,000 people, of whom the vast majority live in peninsular Italy. France, including Corsica, has about 260,000 Italian speakers and Switzerland more than 500,000. Learn basic Italian in this option course to get you started for your first OE adventure!

Learn Spanish (Conversational Emphasis)

When: Monday Period 6

Where: SC202

Training Provider: To be confirmed

Training Fee: $80.00

Class Size: 6–8 students

Areas of Study:
Spanish is a language spoken widely all over the world. Its is one of the most popular languages that people try to learn. It has the official language status in 20 countries and is spoken by more than 550million people. Learn some Spanish and enhance your travel experiences!

'The Mental Edge' Sports Performance

When: Monday Period 6

Where: St Andrew's College (venue to be confirmed)

Training Provider: Renzie Hanham

Training Fee: $60.00

Class Size: 6–12 students

Areas of Study:

  • where pressure comes from;
  • how to avoid being overwhelmed or distracted by it;
  • how to stay 'on task' and make the right decisions, even in the toughest, must-win situations.

Personal Fitness

Qualifies for Year 12 Physical Fitness Credit.

When: Monday Period 6

Where: St Andrew's College (venue to be confirmed)

Training Provider: Ra Parker, Personal Trainer and Co-Director, Revitup Strength & Fitness

Special Conditions: Appropriate training gear required.

Training Fee: $80.00

Class Size: 12–20 students

Areas of Study:

  • practical fitness skills development;
  • principles of training;
  • personal schedule (if required). Please note, this may involve an extra fee.

Rock Climbing

When: Monday, 3.00pm–4.30pm

Where: YMCA Adventure Centre, 239 Waltham Road

Training Provider: YMCA Adventure Centre

Training Fee: $235

Special Conditions: Wear PE gear and sports shoes (must be closed-in toe)

Class Size: 24 students

Areas of Study:

Come Climbing!

Rock climbing at the YMCA is a great way to build strength, challenge yourself, try something new and learn some great skills. Climbing is a fantastic way to build core strength and muscle control. Team work and trust are also built when climbing with others.


When: Monday Period 6

Where: FA102

Training Provider: Michelle Lawrence

Training Fee: $50.00 plus cost of materials, this will vary for each student but on average it will be another $50.00

Class Size: 8–10 students

Areas of Study:

  • explore the possibilities of screen printing as an art form;
  • make designs suitable for printing onto t-shirts and bags;
  • students start with simple one-colour prints and then move onto three and four-colour prints;
  • explore photographic images;
  • endless possibilities to be creative.

Scuba Diving

When: Monday, 2.30pm–4.30pm

Where: GZ201 and Dive HQ

Training Provider: Dive HQ

Training Fee: $580.00

Special Conditions: 

A medical form will be provided by Dive HQ. Students with asthma may have trouble passing the dive medical. If a student answers 'no' to all the questions then they are not required to get the form signed by a doctor, but if they answer 'yes' to any, they will.

This course requires your participation in dives at various locations, times and dates to be able to complete the Scuba Dive Certificate. The dates will be provided at the beginning of the course by Dive HQ. It will be the student's responsibility to follow through with this and to communicate with Dive HQ directly.

Class Size: 10–12 students

Areas of Study:

  • full scuba diving course with theory, pool and open water dives;
  • NCEA Level 3 (5 credits).

Mask, snorkel, fin and bootie hire free. All other scuba equipment (tank, wetsuit, weight belts, BCD and regulators), textbooks and certification are included in the course price.

Self Defence – Female Students Only

When: Monday Period 6

Where: SC204

Training Provider: Lynda Maindonald

Training Fee: $80.00

Class Size: 10 students 

Areas of Study:

  • practical, fun, empowering;
  • recognise and respond early to signs of potential violence;
  • strategies for staying safe in social situations and relationships;
  • awareness, verbal and physical skills to lessen the likelihood of attack and to respond effectively if required.

About Lynda Maindonald:

Lynda is an accredited Self Defence Teacher providing courses at 51 Intermediate and Secondary Schools in Canterbury. Lynda is also a trained Primary School Teacher and holds a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Stage, Theatre and Special Effects Makeup

When: Monday, 2.30pm–4.00pm

Where: St Andrew's College (venue to be confirmed)

Training Provider: Pearl Babington

Training Fee: $90.00

Special Conditions: Appropriate clothing

Class Size: 10 students

Areas of Study:

  • one type of makeup per session;
  • each session will start with a demonstration;
  • students will pair up and apply makeup;
  • appropriate notes will be provided for each session;
  • sessions include:
    • straight corrective female;
    • straight corrective male;
    • ageing makeup;
    • showgirl makeup;
    • character and changing face shape;
    • blood and special effects;
    • facial hair styling.


Qualifies for Year 12 Physical Fitness Credit.

When: Monday, 2.30pm–5.00pm

Where: Sumner Beach

Training Provider: Aaron Lock

Training Fee: $240

Class Size: 10–25 students

Please note, this is a beginner-level option course. All equipment is provided.

Areas of Study:

  • learn the basics of surfing;
  • learn to stand, turn and 'get out the back' and ride green faced waves.

The World of Food

When: Monday, 2.30pm–4.30pm

Where: Classroom to be confirmed, and various restaurants throughout Christchurch

Training Provider: Ian Morrison

Training Fee: $80.00

Special Conditions: Numbers are restricted. A passion and respect for other cultures is required.

Class Size: 10 students maximum (only available to Year 13 students)

Areas of Study:
Ever wondered how to cook food eaten in other countries? Join this course and visit four ethnic food establishments. Help identify and prepare food, ask the questions you always wanted to, taste the results!


Qualifies for Year 12 Physical Fitness Credit.

When: Monday, Period 6

Where: Sports Pavilion, Science Block

Training Provider: Rebecca Boot

Training Fee: $60.00

Class Size: 12–16 students

About Rebecca Boot:

Rebecca is a Registered Yoga Alliance Teacher. This is an international qualification that recognises her 20-plus years of yoga training.