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Art and Culture

The Art and Culture section offers a selection of options ranging from Contemporary Art Painting to Yoga, and many more.

Bringing Out the Writer in You

When: Wednesday lunchtime

Where: St Andrew's College (venue to be confirmed)

Training Provider: Kerrin Davidson

Training Fee: $60.00

Class Size: 4–10 students

Areas of Study:
This is an opportunity to explore your creative literary potential. You will be encouraged to write in the genre of your choice. Work will be edited and marketed to competitions if you wish. This course could provide you with a career direction.

This course can include any support for your English creative and formal writing programme.

Christchurch Architecture – Term 3 Only

When: Monday Period 6

Where: To be confirmed / various sites around Christchurch

Training Provider: John Hamilton

Training Fee: No charge

Class Size: 6–10 students

Areas of Study:
To gain an appreciation of the variety of architecture in Christchurch and post-earthquake design. This will involve visiting various sites.

Cosmetic Application – Terms 2 and 3 Only

When: Monday, 2.30pm–4.00pm

Where: AB104

Training Provider: Pearl Babington

Training Fee: $85.00

Class Size: 10 students

Areas of Study:

  • foundation;
  • concealer tips;
  • blush tips;
  • eye makeup;
  • skin care.

Introduction to Contemporary Art Painting

When: Monday Period 6

Where: St Andrew's College (venue to be confirmed)

Training Provider: Sandy Gottermeyer

Training Fee: $180.00 – this is an approximate cost subject to class size, any changes will be notified. Materials for the art painting are provided.

Class Size: 6–8 students

Areas of Study:

  • tuition in encaustic painting techniques;
  • different paint application methods;
  • developing an awareness of volume and form;
  • completion of an art painting project.

About Sandy Gottermeyer:

Art has always been a major part of Sandy’s life. Having sold her first pencil drawing at the age of 15 years to Sir Ronald Scott, Sandy subsequently sold work both privately and through a variety of galleries and shows. While working as a Banking Manager then mostly recently as she raised her family, Sandy completed a number of courses to extend her range. In the late 1990s, having studied Art and Creativity at the Learning Connection (Wellington), she extended her range to pastels, painting and sculpture. A mixed media course at Bathhurst University (Australia) initiated even greater diversity, notably nudes in pastel and North Canterbury landscapes in oil.

Sandy is also recognised in the North Canterbury area as a talented art teacher. For 20 years her classes for children, youth and adults focused on introducing a range of techniques and media. Local schools also employed her to teach both students and staff.

Sandy attained her lifelong ambition to complete a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in 2015. Her work uses the ancient medium of encaustic, the interplay of beeswax and colour medium to evoke Turner’s atmospheric pre-impressionist landscapes.

Sandy is recognised as an emerging artist on the national scene. Sandy’s work was one of 14 pieces chosen for the prestigious University of Canterbury ‘Select ‘15’ exhibition. Subsequently her work has been bought by Wrightmann Collection.

Learn Spanish (Conversational Emphasis)

When: Monday Period 6

Where: SC202

Training Provider: To be confirmed

Training Fee: $80.00

Class Size: 6–8 students

Areas of Study:
Spanish is a language spoken widely all over the world. Its is one of the most popular languages that people try to learn. It has the official language status in 20 countries and is spoken by more than 550million people. Learn some Spanish and enhance your travel experiences!

Learn Italian (Conversational Emphasis) – Terms 1 and 3 Only

When: Monday Period 6

Where: St Andrew's College (venue to be confirmed)

Training Provider: Beniamino Petrosino

Training Fee: $80.00

Class Size: 8–12 students

Areas of Study:
Italian (Italiano) is a Romance language currently spoken by some 66,000,000 people, of whom the vast majority live in peninsular Italy. France, including Corsica, has about 260,000 Italian speakers and Switzerland more than 500,000. Learn basic Italian in this option course to get you started for your first OE adventure!


When: Monday Period 6

Where: FA102

Training Provider: Michelle Lawrence

Training Fee: $50.00 plus cost of materials, this will vary for each student but on average it will be another $50.00

Class Size: 8–10 students

Areas of Study:

  • explore the possibilities of screen printing as an art form;
  • make designs suitable for printing onto t-shirts and bags;
  • students start with simple one-colour prints and then move onto three and four-colour prints;
  • explore photographic images;
  • endless possibilities to be creative.

Stage, Theatre and Special Effects Makeup – Term 1 Only

When: Monday, 2.30pm–4.00pm

Where: AB104

Training Provider: Pearl Babington

Training Fee: $90.00

Special Conditions: Appropriate clothing

Class Size: 10 students

Areas of Study:

  • one type of makeup per session;
  • each session will start with a demonstration;
  • students will pair up and apply makeup;
  • appropriate notes will be provided for each session;
  • sessions include:
    • straight corrective female;
    • straight corrective male;
    • ageing makeup;
    • showgirl makeup;
    • character and changing face shape;
    • blood and special effects;
    • create your own character.

The World of Food

When: Monday, 2.30pm–4.30pm

Where: Classroom to be confirmed, and various restaurants throughout Christchurch

Training Provider: Ian Morrison

Training Fee: $80.00

Special Conditions: Numbers are restricted. A passion and respect for other cultures is required.

Class Size: 10 students maximum (only available to Year 13 students)

Areas of Study:
Ever wondered how to cook food eaten in other countries? Join this course and visit four ethnic food establishments. Help identify and prepare food, ask the questions you always wanted to, taste the results!


Qualifies for Year 12 Physical Fitness Credit.

When: Monday, Period 6

Where: Sports Pavilion, Science Block

Training Provider: Rebecca Boot

Training Fee: $60.00

Class Size: 12–16 students

About Rebecca Boot:

Rebecca is a Registered Yoga Alliance Teacher. This is an international qualification that recognises her 20-plus years of yoga training.