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The Sport section of the Senior College Options Programme includes a wide range of sports.

Year 12 students are to choose at least one option that qualifies for Year 12 Physical Fitness Credit (e.g. Personal Fitness).

Basketball Umpiring

Qualifies for Year 12 Physical Fitness Credit.

When: Monday Period 6

Where: St Andrew's College (venue to be confirmed)

Training Provider: To be confirmed

Training Fee: $60.00

Class Size: 10–16 students

Areas of Study:

  • CBA associate umpires' course;
  • rules and regulations;
  • practical game time.


Qualifies for Year 12 Physical Fitness Credit.

When: Monday Period 6

Where: Gym 1

Training Provider: Dave Heath

Training Fee: $70.00

Special Conditions: Appropriate training gear required

Class Size: 10–16 students

Areas of Study:

  • boxer circuit training;
  • develops muscle strength;
  • improves cardiovascular and endurance ability;
  • ideal pre-season training.

Cricket Umpiring – Term 1 Only

When: Monday Period 6

Where: Cricket Pavillion

Training Provider: Mike Johnson

Training Fee: No Charge

Class Size: 6–8 students

Areas of Study:

  • the laws of cricket;
  • signals;
  • special regulations;
  • expectations;
  • best practice.

Flying (Fixed Wing) – Term 1 Only

When: Monday, 2.30pm–5.00pm

Where: Canterbury Aero Club

Training Provider: Canterbury Aero Club

Training Fee: $650.00 plus travel costs to the Aero Club, if required.
Please note, the fee of $650.00 is for three Mondays only. If you wish to fly for six Mondays the fee is double – $1300.00.

Class Size: 2–9 students

Areas of Study:

  • theory (small amount);
  • most of the time will be in the air learning the basics of flying with an instructor – three hours of flying time in total;
  • smooth transition to Private Pilot's License (PPL).

Personal Fitness

Qualifies for Year 12 Physical Fitness Credit.

When: Monday Period 6

Where: Gym 1 (if raining) or outdoors on the field in front of Strowan House if ground and weather conditions are ideal. Students will be notified of venue each week.

Training Provider: Ra Parker, Personal Trainer and Co-Director, Revitup Strength & Fitness

Special Conditions: Appropriate training gear required.

Training Fee: $80.00

Class Size: 12–20 students

Areas of Study:

  • practical fitness skills development;
  • principles of training;
  • personal schedule (if required). Please note, this may involve an extra fee.


Qualifies for Year 12 Physical Fitness Credit.

An introduction to horse riding.

When: Thursday, 3.30pm–4.30pm

Where: Waimakariri Horse Treks

Training Provider: Waimakariri Horse Treks

Training Fee: $50.00

Class Size: 10 students

Please note, this options is aimed at beginner-level riders. All gear is supplied.

Areas of Study:

  • preparing the horses;
  • lesson in basic riding skills;
  • trek to demonstrate individual skill;
  • each week gets progressively more challenging;
  • by the end of the course, each student should have the basics of horse riding.

Scuba Diving – Term 1 Only

When: Monday, 2.30pm–4.30pm

Where: GZ201 and Dive HQ

Training Provider: Dive HQ

Training Fee: $580.00

Special Conditions: 

A medical form will be provided by Dive HQ. Students with asthma may have trouble passing the dive medical. If a student answers 'no' to all the questions then they are not required to get the form signed by a doctor, but if they answer 'yes' to any, they will.

This course requires your participation in dives at various locations, times and dates to be able to complete the Scuba Dive Certificate. The dates will be provided at the beginning of the course by Dive HQ. It will be the student's responsibility to follow through with this and to communicate with Dive HQ directly.

Class Size: 10–12 students

Areas of Study:

  • full scuba diving course with theory, pool and open water dives;
  • NCEA Level 3 (5 credits).

Mask, snorkel, fin and bootie hire free. All other scuba equipment (tank, wetsuit, weight belts, BCD and regulators), textbooks and certification are included in the course price.

Sports Climbing

When: Monday, 3.00pm–4.30pm

Where: YMCA Adventure Centre, 239 Waltham Road

Training Provider: YMCA Adventure Centre

Training Fee: $150.00 for six lessons, plus transport if required

Special Conditions: Wear PE gear and sports shoes (must be closed-in toe)

Class Size: 15 students

Areas of Study:

Come Climbing!

Rock climbing at the YMCA is a great way to build strength, challenge yourself, try something new and learn some great skills. Climbing is a fantastic way to build core strength and muscle control. Team work and trust are also built when climbing with others.

Surfing – Term 1 Only

Qualifies for Year 12 Physical Fitness Credit.

When: Monday, 2.30pm–5.00pm

Where: Sumner Beach

Training Provider: Aaron Lock

Training Fee: $158.00 plus travel costs to Sumner

Class Size: 10–25 students

Please note, this is a beginner-level option course. All equipment is provided.

Areas of Study:

  • learn the basics of surfing;
  • learn to stand, turn and 'get out the back' and ride green faced waves.

'The Mental Edge' Sports Performance

When: Monday Period 6

Where: St Andrew's College (venue to be confirmed)

Training Provider: Renzie Hanham

Training Fee: $60.00

Class Size: 6–12 students

Areas of Study:

  • where pressure comes from;
  • how to avoid being overwhelmed or distracted by it;
  • how to stay 'on task' and make the right decisions, even in the toughest, must-win situations.