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1:1 Computing

The five-year implementation of St Andrew’s College’s 1:1 Computing programme has been carefully phased in since 2014. This allows for authentic integration and requires all Year 7 students and above to bring their own device to school.

At St Andrew’s College, our approach to technology is innovative and progressive. Used correctly, digital technology can greatly enhance and impact learning. The College believes in giving students every advantage today, so they can confidently use the technology of tomorrow. 

What is 1:1 Computing?

A classroom where there is one computer to each student. In the case of St Andrew's College, each student will be required to bring their own computer selected from a range of recommended models. This is different from a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programme where students can bring whatever computer they already own to class.

Seven Reasons why 1:1 Computing is important for today’s students

  1.  We need to prepare our students for future tertiary study and the work environment.
  2.  There are increased opportunities for collaborative learning.
  3.  It increases access to a huge range of electronic resources, which help enhance learning.
  4.  Students with their own device find it a natural progression of our e-Learning strategies.
  5. There are a number of pedagogical benefits: (a) The New Zealand Curriculum specifically references the value of e-Learning and (b) international research shows the benefits of e-Learning for students.
  6.  It is important to attract quality teachers who want to teach in a “digital classroom”.
  7.  Students exist in a largely “digital world” outside of school, but school is often a non-digital world. This programme has potential to increase engagement in learning as students use the tools they are most familiar with to facilitate their learning.

Expectations on Students

  • they bring their device fully charged to school each day;
  • they bring a charger for their device;
  • they have installed the free version of MS Office;
  • they store their device in (locked) lockers when not in use;
  • they install operating system updates and patches as released;
  • anti-virus software is installed.

ICT Support for Students

We provide ‘set up days’ in the week before school starts, to help get your child’s St Andrew’s account set-up, laptop connected to the wireless network and to have the Microsoft Office suite installed.

Our well-resourced ICT Helpdesk can help with any questions you might have. Phone +64 3 940 2063 or email