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Community and Service


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2018 service

The outstanding community and service achievements of our students late in 2018 are featured below (please note the use of 2018 year groups).

Community Service

Year 9 students embarked on a community service outing late in 2018, with five classes cleaning up the beach from Waimairi to the end of the Southshore Spit, and three classes completing native tree preservation at Mt Vernon. Although conditions were wet, the students worked well and made a positive impact on their environment.


A group of Year 6 students participated in a sustainability unit based around the use of the Preparatory School’s tunnel house. Students visited Cultivate Christchurch where they had hands-on experiences with worm farms, learning about composting, and planting and caring for vegetables. The students then planted their own vegetables in the tunnel house at St Andrew’s. Recounts were written, regular watering maintained, and the vegetables were harvested, many of which were donated to the Christchurch City Mission.

Year 10 Economics Social Enterprise

Representatives from two Year 10 Economics classes delivered donations to the City Mission. One of the classes sold fudge and raised $350, while another ran a car wash which funded ingredients for home baking, which the students made and donated to both the men’s and women’s shelters.

Young Entrepreneurs

Yonni Kepes (Year 13) travelled to Brazil as part of a team of New Zealand Young Entrepreneurs who won the Enterprise in Action National Challenge in June, run by the Young Enterprise Trust. While in Brazil the team met up with other New Zealand businesses already operating in Brazil and visited local businesses that already trade with New Zealand firms. The group also met young entrepreneurs in Brazil, helping to solve local social issues.

2019 service

Environment Canterbury Youth Rōpu Committee

Thomas Pope-Kerr (Year 13) was selected to join the Environment Canterbury Youth Rōpu (EYR) Committee. The EYR is a new initiative led by young people and the Youth Engagement and Education Team at Environment Canterbury, who will have a genuine relationship with the decision makers of Canterbury, provide advice, and lead consultations and events.

Gift Card Business

For the past three years, Zoe Elmey (Year 10), has run a successful gift card business, selling her products throughout New Zealand. Recently Prime Minister, Jacinda Arden was the recipient of her cards and baby gifts as part of a Christmas card competition.

Kaitiakitanga Award

Early in 2019, the new Kaitiakitanga Award was presented for the first time to Quinton Hurley (OC 2018) for his work with the Sustainability Council over the last four years. The Kaitiakitanga Award refers to the Māori principle of guardianship of the environment – acknowledging the fundamental relationship between humans and the natural world, and our responsibility to preserve and honour our natural resources. Also honoured was Isabella Garbett (OC 2016), who was one of the students involved with setting up the Sustainability Council, a vibrant and innovative group working under the guidance of teacher, Ellen Hampson.

March for Love

In response to the terrorist attack in Christchurch, Year 12 students Ella Clearwater, Marshall Setu and Manaia Butler independently organised the ‘March for Love’ event, which saw around 5000 people gather in Hagley Park to march for love, and against discrimination in our community.

Student Volunteer Army’s Year 12 UCan programme

As part of the University of Canterbury (UC) Student Volunteer Army’s Year 12 UCan programme, Year 12 students Manaia Butler, Marshall Setu, Kate Hughes, and Ella Clearwater helped to refresh the outdoor area of the Barrington Plunket Centre, painting fences and railings, and removing waste and other items from the site.

Our students have been involved in some exciting community and service initiatives.

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