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Cultural catch up

Regulus // Issue 3 // November 2022

More news for Cultural


Adele Sherborne (Year 8) was selected from nearly 150 entries as one of the winning mural designs in this year’s Re:ACTIVATE Aspiring Artist competition. The judges were impressed with how Adele’s work responded to the brief with engaging ideas and outstanding visual concepts.

Battle of the Bands

After winning two heats and putting in an incredible performance at the Christchurch finals for Battle of the Bands, rock band, Black Wired, comprising Chantelle Xiong, Tamaroa Connelly, Hayden Lam (all Year 11), Sam McAlister (Year 10), and Ethan Lam (Year 9) won a coveted spot in the national finals of the 2022 Battle of the Bands. The final was split into a two-day event, with Black Wired performing at the second event, held in Auckland in early October. This is an adult competition, so the band were by far the youngest performers. They delivered a stellar 25-minute set of original material, and more than held their own against the other bands while performing at Auckland’s Anthology Lounge.

Sea-am Thompson (Year 11)


Sea-am Thompson (Year 11) was one of two choral musicians from the Christchurch Cathedral Choir invited by Dr John Linker of the Christchurch Transitional Cathedral to travel to sing at Christ Church, Oxford, United Kingdom in the October school holidays. During the three-week stay in Oxford, Sea-am sang in 15 services. He visited 15 Colleges and their chapels around Oxford, and the ancient Oxford Town Hall, where he was allowed to play their organ from the 1800s.

Stacchorus performed at Encore, an independent schools’ choral festival, held at Christ’s College. A waiata was sung by all students, followed by two performances by each school, and two combined items. It was a great night of choral music making.


Harrison Mugford (Year 7) and Eden Taylor (Year 8) performed in the Showbiz production of Matilda.


Three short films made by Year 12 Media students have been named as Top 10 finalists for the 2022 New Zealand Regionals Competition of the International Youth Silent Film Festival. They are:

  • Amica – Marco Leighs, Struan Gordon, Bede Miller (also nominated for Craft Award ‘Best Shot’);
  • 43 Hours – Qing Yu (Qing Qing) Huang, Kevin Che, Savannah Larkins;
  • Nightmares – Ethan Bonis, Jonah Cropp, Solomon Hix.

Highland Dance

Twelve students participated in the New Zealand Highland Dancing Championships. Milly Christie (Year 13) won two individual New Zealand titles, and was ranked the overall U18 National Champion, Siara Clarke (Year 11) won the U18 New Zealand Championship Sword Dance. Tessa Meyrick (Year 8) won two championships and was also awarded Most Points Runner-Up in the 12–14 age group. Sarah McCarthy (Year 7) was the winner of three championships for the U12 category and Amelia Lyttle (Year 7) won an 11-year-old championship event. The following students received a National Ranking determined over 10 events:

  • U18 Overall National Champion: Milly Christie (Year 13);
  • U18 fourth national ranking: Siara Clarke (Year 11);
  • U18 tenth national ranking: Brianna Sloper (Year 13);
  • U16 tenth national ranking: Charlize Blakely (Year 10).

Jazz Tour and Jazz Club at Fat Eddie’s

With the cancellation of the 2022 Southern Jam Jazz Festival, the jazz bands did their own tour to Nelson instead. They played at six primary schools presenting an engaging, informative and fun 40-minute programme. The concerts were presented by Xanthe Pearce, Tamaroa Connelly and Jack Flanagan (all Year 11) and featured the Big Band, the Soul Band, and the Jazz Orchestra playing well-known songs from movies and jazz repertoire. The bands also performed to a full house at The Honest Lawyer in Nelson and the Golden Bear at the Mapua Wharf, supported by bands from Waimea College and Nayland College. The day after their return from Nelson they held their annual Jazz Club at Fat Eddie’s in central Christchurch, performing a two-hour programme for friends and family in a full venue.


Three St Andrew’s College jazz groups performed in the Ara JazzQuest. The Soul Band won a gold award, the Big Band silver, and the Jazz Orchestra a bronze. The jazz bands are very young this year and have made superb progress. The judge made special mention of the Soul Band and the vocals of Estée Wilke and Cindy Xiong (both Year 13), saying the feeling in the room during their performance was ‘electric’.


Sea-am Thompson (Year 11) achieved his Trinity Violin Diploma examination, a considerable achievement at a young age.

Hao Bo (Terence) Yang (Year 7) won Most Promising Boy 10–12 years, three second placings, and four third placings, at the Christchurch Music Competition.


Patrick Jarman (Year 3) was cast in Macbeth for the New Zealand Opera.

Pipe Band

New Zealand Young Piper of the Year

Several St Andrew’s Pipe Band members competed at the New Zealand Young Piper of the Year events, with fantastic results. Placegetters were:

  • Maggie McConnochie (Year 8): first B Grade Strathspey/Reel;
  • Cooper Gallagher (Year 10): third B Grade Hornpipe/Jig, third C Grade 2/4 March;
  • Lucas Paterson (Year 11): first C Grade 2/4 March, second Strathspey/Reel, third Piobaireachd, winner of Overall C Grade Aggregate Prize;
  • Tayla Eagle (Year 10): second C Grade 2/4 March;
  • James Anthony (Year 10): first D Grade 2/4 March, third Strathspey/Reel;
  • Charlie Gregg (Year 7): second D Grade Strathspey/Reel, third 2/4 March.

New Zealand Youth Pipe Band

Pipers Lucas Paterson (Year 11) and Tayla Eagle (Year 10) and drummers Rachel Holyoake (Year 13) and Georgia Eagle (Year 12) took part in the New Zealand Youth Pipe Band tour to Southland. The band performed in Queenstown before moving on to Invercargill to join the ILT City of Invercargill Pipe Band for their 125th anniversary, taking part in a spectacular concert.

World Online Summer Championship

Pipe Band members Daniel Liu, Sam Foote (both Year 9), Charlie Gregg and Anthony Song (both Year 7) competed in the World Online Summer Championship with fantastic results:

  • Daniel Liu (Year 9): Overall Grade 3 Snare Drumming Champion, first in Grade 3 March, Strathspey/Reel, Jig, second in 6/8 March, Overall Grade 4 Snare Drumming Champion, first in Grade 4 2/4 March, 4/6 March and Jig;
  • Sam Foote (Year 9): first Alistair Gillies Memorial 2/4 March for Age 13-14, Grade 4 Piobaireachd, second 2/4 March, Strathspey/Reel, Jig, fourth 6/8 March;
  • Anthony Song (Year 7): first Alistair Gillies Memorial 2/4 March for Age 12 and Under, fourth Grade 4 2/4 March and Strathspey/Reel;
  • Charlie Gregg (Year 7): second Alistair Gillies Memorial 2/4 March for Age 12 and Under, third Grade 4 Strathspey/Reel, fifth 2/4 March.

Ōtautahi Solo Drumming Championships

This competition is a major drumming event on the calendar, attended by drummers from other parts of New Zealand. First placegetters were:

Snare Drumming

  • Georgia Eagle (Year 12): first B Grade March, Strathspey/Reel Hornpipe/Jig, Aggregate;
  • Daniel Liu (Year 9): first C Grade March, Strathspey and Reel, Compound March, Aggregate;
  • Konnor Chamberlain (Year 10): first D Grade March;
  • Harry Summers (Year 8): first D Grade Strathspey/Reel;
  • Harry McKay (Year 8) first Novice Drum Pad;
  • Lee Patterson (Year 9): first Novice Drum.

Tenor Drumming

  • Lucy McIntyre (Year 11): first Intermediate March, Strathspey/Ree, Aggregate;
  • Rachel Holyoake (Year 13): first Hornpipe/Jig;
  • Madelyn Harding (Year 6): first Novice.

Bass Drumming

  • Rachel Holyoake (Year 13): first Open March, Strathspey and Reel, Hornpipe/Jig, Aggregate.

The Highland Piping Society of Canterbury Sunday Solo Competition

First placegetters were:

  • Lucas Paterson (Year 11): first B Grade 2/4 March, Strathspey/Reel, Piobaireachd, C Grade Piobaireachd;
  • Tayla Eagle (Year 10): first C Grade 2/4 March, Strathspey/Reel;
  • Emily Carswell (Year 10): first D Grade 2/4 March;
  • Charlie Gregg (Year 7): first D Grade Strathspey/Reel;
  • Jack Boon (Year 11): first Novice;
  • Jacob Wang (Year 5): first Practice Chanter.

Labour Weekend Silver Chanter Competition

The Pipe Band completed an outstanding Labour Weekend Silver Chanter competition, which was based at the College. Bagpipers from around the country travelled to Christchurch to compete in the biggest solo piping competition in the New Zealand calendar, with New Zealand Championship events and a fantastic prize pool featuring our pipers throughout. Top three placegetters were:

  • Iona Lawson (Year 11): first C Grade 2/4 March, Strathspey/Reel;
  • Lucas Paterson (Year 11): first C Grade 6/8 March, second Piobaireachd, Hornpipe/Jig;
  • Toby Cammock-Elliott (Year 12): third C Grade Piobaireachd;
  • Sam Foote (Year 9) won overall D Grade prize, first 2/4 March, Strathspey Reel, second Piobaireachd, 6/8 March;
  • Cameron Sharpe (Year 8): first D Grade Piobaireachd;
  • Anthony Song (Year 7): first D Grade 6/8 March, second 2/4 March;
  • Charlie Gregg (Year 7): second D Grade Strathspey/Reel;
  • James Anthony (Year 10): third D Grade 6/8 March.

Play It Strange

Four St Andrew’s students were announced as finalists for the Play It Strange Lion Foundation Songwriting Competition for their incredible songs, with two students achieving national placings. Grace Lawrence (Year 13) was the overall competition winner for her stunning coming-of age song, Differently Now. Cindy Xiong (Year 13) was runner-up of the David Richwhite Lyric Award for her song Colourblind. Other finalists from St Andrew’s were Chantelle Xiong and Christine Jeon (both Year 11) for their song Reminisce. All songs will be produced professionally, and will feature on the 2022 Play It Strange album.

StAC Rock Night

The inaugural StAC Rock Night was held at A Rolling Stone on Colombo Street, and was a valuable opportunity for all 10 Secondary School rock bands to perform in a ‘blues bar’ style venue and gain experience performing in front of an audience. The bands were well supported by over 200 friends, family, and the general public, along with their rock school tutors, Michael Sumner and Sam Kealty, who have done great work with the bands throughout the year.

Smokefree Rockquest

Cindy Xiong (Year 13) won the overall APRA Lyrics Award at the Smokefree Rockquest National Finals.

Sony Music Group Global Scholars Program

Grace Lawrence (Year 13) was selected for the international Sony Music Group Global Scholars Program.

Speech and Drama

In the Christchurch Competitions Society Speech and Drama competitions, Teresa Steiner and Sylvia James (both Year 9), Chantelle Xiong (Year 11) and Cindy Xiong (Year 13) won medals, trophies, or special prizes. Chantelle and Cindy won the scholarships for their age groups and jointly won the Best Performer over 12 years.

The following Preparatory School students won medals at the Christchurch Competitions Society Speech and Drama competitions:

  • Year 2 – Georgia Blyde, Violet Winterbourn;
  • Year 3 – Tomasz Clark, Louie Hartstonge;
  • Year 4 – Jack Blyde;
  • Year 5 – XiaoYa (Cynthia) Zhou, Zhenan (Jayden) Lai;
  • Year 6 – Isla Marshall, Hudson Blyde, Louis Hyland;
  • Year 7 – HanYu (Lana) Li, Harrison Mugford, Sophia Luxford-Meads;
  • Year 8 – Christian Li.

The following students won medals and trophies, or special prizes:

  • Year 1 – Nari Yoon;
  • Year 3 – Patrick Jarman, Riona McKendry;
  • Year 4 - Jessica Whitehead;
  • Year 5 – Aaron Yu, Hugo Hills, Ben McKendry, Oscar Han;
  • Year 7 – Jacob Triplow, Amanda Watkins;
  • Year 8 – Logan Scott, Anton Zhang.

Aaron Yu and Ben McKendry (both Year 5) won the scholarships for the 8–10 and 10–12 years age groups respectively. Aaron also won the prize for the Best Performer U12 Years.

The following Preparatory School students received Honours Passes following their speech and drama examinations:

  • Initial (Year 4): Jessica Whitehead, Jack Blyde, Harper Keith;
  • Grade 1 (Year 5): Joanna Liang, Oliver Hodgson, Oscar Han, Hunter Donnithorne, Aneel Bartlett, Aaron Yu, Hugo Hills, Nathaniel Jones, Max Schouten, Emma Theobald, Eddison Keith, Kendal Dawson;
  • Grade 2 (Year 6): Isla Marshall, Chelsea Li, Louis Hyland, Hudson Blyde, Ben McKendry (Year 5);
  • Grade 3 (Year 7): Chloe Monk, Sophia Luxford-Meads, Amanda Watkins, Jacob Triplow, Annie Zhang, HanYu (Lana) Li, Yutian (Tianna) Chen;
  • Grade 4 (Year 8): Christian Li, Hamish Longstaffe.

Emma Geddes (Year 8) placed second in the Rotary Speech Contest.

Cindy Xiong (Year 13) won the National Young Performer competition in Speech and Drama, as the nominee from the Christchurch Competitions Society. Cindy had to perform a 15-minute programme of poem, prose and drama based on a theme, and an improvised scene with just 30 seconds of preparation time. Cindy held off some tough competition, including students studying Drama at university, to win the $5000 first place.

Vocal Concert

Five choirs from the College and Preparatory School performed along with two barbershops, many soloists, and some staff items at the annual Vocal Concert. It was a great celebration of vocal music and appreciated by an enthusiastic audience.

We highlight the most recent Cultural Successes of our students.