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Cultural Catch Up

From the third edition of Regulus for 2021

More news for Cultural

The Junior Jazz Orchestra performing at Ara JazzQuest.

Ara JazzQuest

The Big Band, Jazz Orchestra, and Soul Band all delivered superb performances at the Ara JazzQuest Ensemble and Big Band competitions, with the Big Band taking home a gold award, and the Jazz Orchestra and Soul Band both winning silver medals.


All dancers performed beautifully in the annual Ballet examinations. The dancers who achieved the highest level in their examinations, only attainable from Year 4 and over, are:

  • Year 4: Isabelle Harrison;
  • Year 5: Charlotte Currie, Charlotte Everest and Tasmin Wingfield;
  • Year 6: Alyssa Geddes, Sophie Schouten and Kalisa Zhang;
  • Year 7: Victoria Cairns Knight, Emma Geddes, Femke McLean, Annabel Paterson and Eden Taylor;
  • Year 8: Charlotte Kyle, Taylah Zhang and Sara Yu

An unprecedented number of high-level results were obtained by dancers in the St Andrew’s College Ballet Academy:

  • Elementary Diploma High Honours: Charlize Blakely, Emily Carswell, Matilda MacMillan and Yinan (Vivian) Lu (all Year 9);
  • Intermediate Diploma High Honours: Maia Cook, Alexandra Hirschfeld, Xanthe Pearce and Sienna Spark(all Year 10);
  • Intermediate Diploma Distinction: Siara Clarke and Eilish Johns(both Year 10) – also recipients of a Scholarship Nomination to compete at the NZAMD national eventin Wellington;
  • Advanced Diploma High Honours: Alistair Gorton, Ella Gunn, Kate McFerran, Caitlin Roberts, Poppy Rumble and Ella Withers (all Year 11);
  • Advanced Diploma High Honours: Milly Christie, Tegan Mathewson, Lucy Rule and Brianna Sloper(all Year 12);
  • Advanced Diploma Distinction: Qing Yu Huang (Year 11);
  • Advanced Diploma Distinction: Charlotte Brown, Mei-Lin McClelland, Anja Sander (all Year 12), Riley Lyons (Year 11) – also recipients of a Scholarship Nomination to compete at the NZAMD national event in Wellington.

Ballet Academy dancer Taylah Zhang (Year 8) auditioned and gained a highly coveted place with the Australian Ballet School International Training Programme (ITP).

Big Band Festival

A group of Music students performed well in the Christchurch Big Band Festival. The public performances were possibly the last time that eight Year 13 musicians would perform together.

Christchurch Competitions Society Instrumental Competition

At the Christchurch Competitions Society Instrumental Competition, the following musicians won placings:

  • Jessica Drury (Year 8): first place and the Joan Sinclair Challenge Trophy in Violin Solo U14 competition;
  • Anya Fang (Year 8): first in Quick Learn (12 years and U14) and Piano Scarlatti Sonata (Open), second in Piano Scholarship (12 years and U14), and Piano Solo (12 years), third in Piano Solo (12 years and U15), winner of Special Award Cup for Senior Scholarship (U18);
  • Lucas Zhong (Year 7): second for Jazz Music (Piano) 12–14 years group and Baroque (Piano) 12–15 years group, third for New Zealand Composer(Piano) 12–15 years group;
  • Charlie Hole (Year 6): third Piano Solo 10 years;
  • Will Fang (Year 4): second in Jazz Music (9 and under), Quick Learn (U9) and Piano 4 Hands (Open), and winner of a Special Award Cup for the Most Promising Boy (U10).

Highland dancing teacher, Julie Hawke, with nationally ranked Highland dancers, Milly Christie, Brianna Sloper (both Year 12) and Siara Clarke (Year 10).

Highland Dancing

Several students gained national rankings and titles at the New Zealand Championships:

  • Milly Christie (Year 12): winner of the New Zealand Championship Reel O’Tulloch U18 years, fifth national ranking U18 years;
  • Brianna Sloper (Year 12): tenth national ranking U18 years;
  • Siara Clarke (Year 10): winner of the New Zealand Championship Seann Triubhas U16 years, winner most points Highland Events, and an overall third national ranking;
  • Charlize Blakely (Year 9):winner of New Zealand Championship Sailors Hornpipe and Irish Hornpipe U14 years, third national rankingU14 years;
  • Sarah McCarthy (Year 6): fifth national ranking U12 years;
  • Amelia Lyttle (Year 6):winner of the 10 Years Gathering Award Highland Fling.

Jazz Club at Fat Eddies

On a beautiful spring afternoon, St Andrew’s jazz musicians performed a great gig at Fat Eddies, a jazz club on The Terrace. The Jazz Orchestra, Big Band, Soul Band, and the Senior Combo, Club 347, played a range of classics, well-loved charts, and covers of contemporary music, along with some original pieces by student composers.

Performing Arts

Eden Taylor (Year 7) successfully auditioned for a role in Matilda being performed with Showbiz next year. She auditioned along with 260 students from around New Zealand.


Sisters Yuxin (Alice) (Year 7) and Yutian (Tianna) (Year 6) Chen both had outstanding success in their recent Trinity College music examinations. Yutian achieved Distinction in both her Grade 4 piano and trumpet examinations, while Yuxin gained Distinction for the higher-level Grade 6 trumpet examination. Grade 4 is equivalent in standard to NCEA Level 1 and Grade 6 to NCEA Level 3.

Jessica Drury (Year 8) was selected as Concert Master of the 2021 Christchurch Schools’ Music Festival, which was to be held in a reduced format at Cashmere High School's Performing Arts Centre due to COVID-19.

Lucas Zhong (Year 7) sat his Violin ABRSM Grade 5 examination, scoring 142/150.

Black Wired, comprising Ethan Lam (Year 8), Sam McAlister (Year 9), Hayden Lam, Tamaroa Connelly, and Chantelle Xiong (all Year 10) won first place at the Tiwerawera Band Competition. The duo, Good Morning December, comprising Jack Calder and Alice Burnett (both Year 13) won the Best Duo category.

Lexie Dong (Year 5) achieved her piano grading examination with the New Zealand Music Examination Board with High Distinction.

Eva Hitchon (Year 13) was awarded an ATCL with Distinction in Piano from Trinity College.

Play it Strange

Songwriters Struan Gordon (Year 11), Grace Lawrence and Cindy Xiong (both Year 12), and Matthew Fleming, Alice Burnett and Imogen Roberts (all Year 13) were named as finalists in the Lion Foundation Play It Strange Songwriting Competition. They each received $750 towards having their songs professionally recorded.

Pipe Band

There were almost 1000 entries in the World Online Piping and Drumming Championships, and brothers Connor (Year 11) and Ethan (Year 9) Higgs performed well to achieve great success in different grades. Connor finished sixth in the Overall Champion in all categories, was second overall in Grade 1 Snare Drumming, and third overall in Grade 2 Snare Drumming. Ethan was fifth overall in Grade 2 Snare Drumming and fourth overall in Grade 3 Side Drumming. The brothers also competed in the Up to the Line online solo piping and drumming competition, where Connor won three first placings and two second placings, and Ethan won two first placings.

Sisters and Pipe Band members, Georgia Eagle (Year 11) and Tayla Eagle (Year 9) performed at a fundraising concert with Rakes o’ the Gael at the Speirs Auditorium in Palmerston North to raise money for Breast Cancer Research.

The Highland Piping Society of Canterbury were extremely fortunate to be able to run the Silver Chanter Labour Weekend competitions, which were held at the College. Many of our pipers were able to perform their tunes that they have been working on over the last few months. First placegetters were:

  • Tayla Eagle (Year 9): C Grade2/4 March and 6/8 March;
  • Sam Foote (Year 8): D Grade Piobaireachd;
  • Cameron Sharpe (Year 7): D Grade 6/8 March and Overall D Grade Winner;
  • Charlie Gregg (Year 6): D Grade 2/4 March.

Solo Piping

Anthony Song (Year 6) placed third in 18 Years and Under Intermediate March at the City of Brechin Pipe Band online solo piping competition.

Highland Piping Society of Canterbury Solo Piping Competition

The third indoor solo piping competition of the season was held at St Andrew’s College. Our Pipe Band students featured well throughout the prize lists. First placegetters were:

  • Lucas Paterson (Year 10): firstB Grade Piobaireachd, 2/4 March;
  • Iona Lawson (Year 10): firstB Grade Strathspey/Reel, C Grade Piobaireachd;
  • Tayla Eagle (Year 9): first C Grade 2/4 March;
  • Cameron Sharpe (Year 7):first D Grade Piobaireachd;
  • Ryan Cliff (Year 9): first D Grade 2/4 March;
  • Sam Foote (Year 8): first D Grade Strathspey/Reel;
  • Anton Zhang (Year 7): first Novice.

Southern Jam

A group of 29 jazz musicians from St Andrew’s College participated in the Southern Jam Youth Jazz Festival in Blenheim, where Flynn Megaw (Year 13) was recognised as the Best Trombone Player of the festival.

Speech and Drama

A group of 41 Preparatory School students took part in the Speech and Drama section of the Christchurch Competitions Society Festival of the Arts. They all gave great performances, and all gained at least a Commended ribbon for their efforts. Students to achieve at least one top three placing and medal awards were:

  • Under 8: Jessica Whitehead, Harrison Julius, Annabelle Laurenson, Anaya Hapuarachchi(all Year 3), Patrick Jarman (Year 2) and Reva Bartlett (Year 1);
  • 8–10 Years: Charlotte Everest, Louis Hyland and Chelsea Li (all Year 5), Ben McKendry, Aaron Yu, Aneel Bartlett, Oscar Han (all Year 4);
  • 10–12 Years: Alexander Dunn, Christian Li, Logan Scott, Anton Zhang (all Year 7), Anthony Song, Jacob Triplow (both Year 6);
  • 12–14 Years: Emily Everest, Sylvia James, Emily Woodgate, Cherng-Jung (Alina) Ho, Teresa Steiner, Daniel Liu (all Year 8).

Trophies and Special Prizes

  • Jessica Whitehead (Year 3): Trinity Cup, Anne-Marie Bateman Cup;
  • Ben McKendry (Year 4): Kent Cup, Louise Moore Cup;
  • Alexander Dunn (Year 7):Louisa Williams Cup;
  • Christian Li (Year 7):Tucker Bros Cup;
  • Logan Scott (Year 7):Louise Arnold Cup;
  • Anton Zhang (Year 7): Trevella Cup, Alan Looser Cup (Most Entertaining);
  • Emily Everest (Year 8): Competitions Prize (Most Potential Over 12 Years);
  • Sylvia James (Year 8): Christchurch Competitions Society Cup;
  • Teresa Steiner (Year 8):Melva McAleer Cup.

Alex O’Neill (Year 5), Emma Geddes (Year 7) and Ava King (Year 8) represented St Andrew’s at the Rotary Primary School Speech Finals at Heaton Intermediate and were all awarded Highly Commended Certificates amongst very tough competition.

A large group of Preparatory School students sat their Speech and Drama examinations at the end of last term. They all achieved fantastic results, with everyone gaining passes in the top three of the eight levels of pass. The following students gained Honours passes:

  • Grade Four (Year 8): Sylvia James, Cherng-Jung (Alina) Ho, Emilyde Joux, Ava King, Caitlin Brinch, Georgia Lewis, Bella Jeram, Teresa Steiner, Emily Everest, Jessica Drury, Emily Woodgate, Daniel Liu,Corbin Revis and Montgomery Scott-Lysaght;
  • Grade Three (Year 7):Emma Geddes, Eliana Gibbons, Honour Fraher-Richardson, Christian Li, Hamish Longstaffe, Spencer Hammar-Campbell, Alexander Dunn, Logan Scott, Rosie Simpson, and Eileen Jiang;
  • Grade Two (Year 6): Theo Smith, HanYu (Lana) Li, Chloe Monk, Oliver Gilbert, Jaden Jia, Anthony Song, Alyssa Geddes, Alexa Collis and Lila Cook;
  • Grade One (Year 5): Charlotte Everest, Isla Marshall, Kaia Hartston.

The following students gained the highest level of pass Honours for Speech New Zealand or Distinction for Trinity College.

  • Speech New Zealand Grade 6: Dara Ballard, Emily Morgan, Billie Revis, Chantelle Xiong, Cherry Zhou (all Year 10);
  • Trinity College Grade 6: Sophie Hayden (Year 11);
  • Trinity College ATCL Performance Diploma: Cindy Xiong (Year 12) and Scarlett Rumble (Year 13).


The St Andrew’s College Senior Theatresports team, comprising Harry Waddington (Year 13), Thomas Kamo, Alexander Wilson, Benjamin Robertson (all Year 12) and Marco Leighs (Year 11) made the final of the Court Theatre’s Canterbury Secondary Schools’ Theatresports Competition where they finished third’.


From the third edition of Regulus for 2021.