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Exchange Students go Global

The Years 10-12 Student Exchange Programme

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Excitement is building for the latest group of Year 10–12 students selected to take part in the St Andrew’s College Exchange programme as they prepare to spend several weeks at various overseas schools in early 2018.

The College offers 12 Cultural Exchanges each year, along with language exchanges to Japan and Switzerland, a rugby exchange to Samuel Whitbred Academy in England, and a hockey exchange to King’s Bruton in England.

Director of International and Exchange Students, Palē Tauti says the first Year 10 boy and girl will take part in a new exchange with Discovery Bay International School in Hong Kong from January to March 2018.

“It is a fantastic time for the students to go to Hong Kong as the exchange coincides with the Chinese New Year period. They will experience a real cultural blast and learn what this time of year means to local people.”

Two new exchanges were introduced in 2017. Two girls were hosted at St George's School for Girls in Scotland, and two boys at St John’s College in South Africa.

Exchanges generally last eight to 10 weeks, apart from the Australian exchanges, which are four-weeks duration. StAC students travel in the first few months of the year, with most of the exchange students from their host schools arriving at St Andrew’s mid-year. One of the College’s oldest exchanges is with Gordonstoun, a prestigious independent school in Scotland that is often favoured by the British Royal Family.

Some of the College’s most recently exchange students include Ben Oxley (Year 12) Stanford Lake College, South Africa; Harrison Dore (Year 11) Gordonstoun, Scotland; Harrison Jones-Park (Year 12) Gordonstoun, Scotland; Jackson Page (Year 12) Lakefield College, Canada; Rosemary Deller (Year 10) Presbyterian Ladies' College (PLC) Sydney, Australia; Emily Allan (Year 10) PLC Armidale, Australia; Kate Allan (Year 10) PLC Sydney, Australia; Grace Adam (Year 12) St George's School for Girls, Scotland; Imogen Clucas (Year 12) Strathallan School, Scotland; Ella Guillemot-Mene (Year 12) Lakefield College, Canada; Louie McGregor (Year 12) St John’s College, South Africa; Louis Grant (Year 11) Bridge House, South Africa.

Palē says there are numerous benefits for students participating in the exchange programme.

“It is a character building experience that helps to develop their independence, confidence, resilience and interpersonal skills. The students also get an injection of culture and customs that create an everlasting impression. The opportunity to travel within and outside their host country and make friendships with international students, including their exchange partner are other bonuses of the experience.”

Excitement is building for the students selected to take part in the St Andrew’s College Exchange programme.