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From the Head of Senior College

On Strowan – Volume 14 // Issue 6 // 22 August 2019

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The Senior College covers Years 12–13. Head of Senior College is John Ruge.

In this edition of On Strowan, I am writing in celebration of diversity.

Last week I interviewed a student from another school who is keen to come to St Andrew’s College. One of the key reasons for the proposed move is the hope that he will be valued and acknowledged for the sports he is currently involved with. The other reason is a keen desire to have a wider range of experiences in the arts and cultural fields: drama is an attraction.

The conversation caused me to reflect on both the vast array of opportunities open to students in our Senior College, and also the ways in which we accept and celebrate diversity. On Monday morning the staff team reviewed the weekend’s events, noting students who had played in various sporting codes, some more successfully than others! We also heard about the senior students who have achieved amazing results in debating, TheatreFest drama competition, the choir at chapel, the Southern Jam Jazz competition, and the ballet showcase. We discussed plans for the student Well-being Assembly and the Prefect initiative in running a Years 9–10 dance. We also looked back at the contributions that a large number of students recently made to International Week.

All of these groups are valued in this place. As I said to the student who came to find out about a possible place here next year, there is no sense in which we are a College which only takes pride in certain teams or groups. We are proud of our students for whatever positive contributions they might make.

One final image illustrates this idea nicely for me. If you have wandered past the Senior College common room recently you may have noticed the table tennis table. What a valuable meeting spot this has become for a huge range of students. There is no single group which uses the table. Instead, we have an ever-changing line-up of male and female students congregating at all times of the day and night to have a few games and enjoy each other’s company. This is diversity and inclusion at its best.

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The term is moving fast. We have Winter Tournament Week coming up, followed by examinations and then a final week before the end of term. Our seniors now have only seven full weeks of school left before NCEA study leave commences! Thank you for the ongoing support you provide to your sons and daughters. Please let us know if you have any concerns for their progress as we move into the sharp end of the academic year.

John Ruge 
Head of Senior College

On Strowan – Volume 14 // Issue 6 // 22 August 2019

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