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From the Head of Secondary School

On Strowan – Volume 14 // Issue 8 // 14 November 2019

More news for Secondary School

The Secondary School covers Years 9–13. Head of Secondary School is Evert van Florenstein.

The term barely started, and we said goodbye to our students sitting NCEA examinations. It was extremely pleasing how focused many of the students returned from their holiday break. I would urge you to support your son/daughter to keep working hard, get help from their teachers when they need it, and use old examination papers and revision booklets to fine-tune their preparation. Please be aware that there are several designated quiet study areas where your son/daughter is able to study if you would prefer them to come to school rather than stay at home; the Senior College for all Year 12–13 students, a classroom (supervised by a staff member) for Year 11 students, and The Green Library and Innovation Centre for all students.

The Leavers’ Assembly was a very emotional celebration for many students and parents. Frankie Morrow and Lewis Edmond spoke about the journey the year group travelled together, with reflections and stories from as far back as 2005 when the first of their year group joined the College. Luca Vinnell and Juliette Newman paid tribute to their Dean, Bronwyn Radcliffe, by sharing memories and recollections of the last five years, a mockumentary put together by Nicholas Third (Year 13) and a musical item from their Middle Production in 2015. I would like to acknowledge our Year 13 leavers; they leave behind them a legacy of togetherness and respect for each other.

Two weeks ago, we hosted a parent evening focused on the theme of resilience. This year, as part of our whole school well-being goal, St Andrew’s College staff have spent time developing an understanding of the concept and theory of resilience. This parent seminar was an important opportunity to collaborate with parents about how we best build resilience in our young people. During the interactive evening, Head of Guidance, Tom Matthews, highlighted the factors, from research, which both build and impact negatively on resilience. The seminar also focused on introducing the strategies which St Andrew’s College are putting in place to cultivate resilience. Head of Middle School, Mikae Tuu’u, introduced ‘StAC Unplugged’ as a strategy to make our students more focused and present. Head of Well-being, Kerry Larby, highlighted the importance St Andrew’s College places on creating conscious and resilient role models for our young people, and Head of Learning Support, Brett Clark, shared his passion for inspiring resilient learners.

This blog post identifies the key strategies, from the research, which are proven to build resilience in our young people and is well worth a read.

The Leavers’ Assembly was also an opportunity to acknowledge and honour the staff who are leaving us at the end of the year, some with many years of service. To read more about these staff, click here.

To all the leavers of 2019, I acknowledge and thank every one of you for the contribution that you have made, and I wish you every success for your future.

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the dedication and hard work of all the staff at the College and thank them for all that they have done to make a difference to the lives of your sons and daughters during the year.

I would also like to thank all the parents and caregivers for your ongoing support of the College.

With kind regards,

Evert van Florenstein
Head of Secondary School
Deputy for Rector

Leavers' Assembly Flickr


On Strowan – Volume 14 // Issue 8 // 14 November 2019

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