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Prizegiving 2020

Congratulations to all our prize winners at our 2020 Prizegiving, held on Sunday 29 November at the Christchurch Arena

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See below for:

Preparatory School Prize Winners

Adele Sherborne – General Excellence 6S
Lauren Li – General Excellence 6S
Angus Laing – General Excellence 6S
Zuzu Connelly – General Excellence 6T
Femke McLean – General Excellence 6T
Athena Gan – General Excellence 6T
Matthew Bluck – General Excellence 7A
Ewan Mander – General Excellence 7A
Ania Kuziel – General Excellence 7A
Kate Ramsey – General Excellence 7C
Daniel Liu – General Excellence 7C
Minh-Ky Pham – General Excellence 7C
Katie Foot – General Excellence 7S
Sara Yu – General Excellence 7S
Tom Simpson – General Excellence 7S
Theresa Steiner – General Excellence 7T
Annie Young – General Excellence 7T
Charlotte Kyle – General Excellence 7T
Will Harrington – General Excellence 8A
Rylee McBride – General Excellence 8A
Maya Wylie – General Excellence 8A
William Sherborne – General Excellence 8A
Priya Bartlett – General Excellence 8A
Matilda MacMillian – General Excellence 8C
Spencer Menzies – General Excellence 8C
George Paterson – General Excellence 8C
Fraser Balasingham – General Excellence 8C
Anisha Chand – General Excellence 8C
Leo Wallace – General Excellence 8S
Toby Browne – General Excellence 8S
Ivan Ren – General Excellence 8S
Anthony Kutovoy – General Excellence 8S
Jasmine Hooker – General Excellence 8T
Elia Short – General Excellence 8T
Ryan Gu – General Excellence 8T
Sam McAlister – General Excellence 8T
Hamish Longstaffe – Meritorious Effort in Year 6S
Emma Crawford – Meritorious Effort in Year 6S
Isabelle Reed – Meritorious Effort in Year 6S
Cooper Pringle – Meritorious Effort in Year 6T
Radha Gamble – Meritorious Effort in Year 6T
Allegra Voice – Meritorious Effort in Year 6T
Daisy Huang – Meritorious Effort in Year 7A
Bella Jeram – Meritorious Effort in Year 7A
Charlie Tanner – Meritorious Effort in Year 7A
George Bissland – Meritorious Effort in Year 7C
Evie McKay – Meritorious Effort in Year 7C
Caitlin O’Donnell – Meritorious Effort in Year 7C
Gemma Hawker – Meritorious Effort in Year 7S
Will Pringle – Meritorious Effort in Year 7S
Tadhg Molony – Meritorious Effort in Year 7S
Anya Fang – Meritorious Effort in Year 7T
Jessica Drury – Meritorious Effort in Year 7T
Ethan Lam – Meritorious Effort in Year 7T
Sophia Voice – Meritorious Effort in Year 8A
Minh Khoi Pham – Meritorious Effort in Year 8A
Lily McHarg – Meritorious Effort in Year 8C
Madeline Davidson – Meritorious Effort in Year 8C
Ruby McPhail – Meritorious Effort in Year 8S
Gemma Wong – Meritorious Effort in Year 8S
Jack McStay – Meritorious Effort in Year 8S
Scarlett Squire – Meritorious Effort in Year 8T
Sefton Wingfield – Meritorious Effort in Year 8T
Claudia Russell – Meritorious Effort in Year 8T

Pipe Band Awards:

The Hugh W Thompson Cup for Preparatory School Side Drumming: Ethan Higgs
The Hilson Trophy for the Most Improved Preparatory School Player in the Pipe Band: Ethan Lam
The J D Mcdonald Trophy for Junior Piping: Maggie McConnochie

Public Speaking and Music:

Lye Family Cup for Public Speaking: George Paterson
Preparatory School Prize for Instrumental Music: Ryan Gu
Benjamin Murray Cup for Contribution to Preparatory School Music: Ryan Gu

The Arts and Technology:

Preparatory School Prize for Art: Elia Short
Merrilyn Hight Food and Technology Prize: Sarah Waddington
Preparatory School Prize for Hard Materials Technology: Lily Ellis
Preparatory School Cup for Speech and Drama: Scarlett Gray
Preparatory School Cup for Dance and Drama: William Sherborne
St Andrew’s College – Ballet Academy Dancer of the Year: Matilda MacMillian

Year 8 Contribution or Service Awards:

Gormley Cup for Meritorious Effort in Year 8: Anisha Chand
Harrison Cup for Endeavour and Helpfulness: William Sherborne
Kennedy Cup for Diligence and Academic Improvement in Year 8: Solomon Seatter
Farmer Cup for Contribution to the Year 8 Year Group: Ethan Higgs

Sports Awards:

Amelia McGoldrick Memorial Cup for the Best All Round Sportswoman in Year 8: Rylee McBride and Amber de Wit
Cartwright Cup for the Best All Round Sportsman in Year 8: Ricky Kotepong

Major Awards:

St John Trophy for the Best All Round Student in Year 8: Jasmine Hooker and Adam MacFarlane

The M J Hill Cup for Proxime Accessit of the Preparatory School: Scarlett Gray

The J R Bierwirth Cup for Dux of the Preparatory School: James Anthony

Secondary School Prize Winners

Year 9

Kobe Bayliss – General Excellence Prize
Isobel Bhatia – History Prize
Daniel Butler – General Excellence Prize
Quinn Chisholm – General Excellence Prize
Tamaroa Connelly – General Excellence Prize
Isobel Forsey – General Excellence Prize
Emily Gjelstad – General Excellence Prize
Noah Grossmith – ACEE Prize
Liam Hackston – General Excellence Prize
Bryn Hall – Digital Prize
Lily Hart – Fabric Technology Prize, General Excellence Prize
Jenna Howell – French Prize
Brooke Hughes – Design and Visual Communication Prize
Christine Jeon – Art Prize, General Excellence Prize
Harrison Justice – General Excellence Prize
Grace Kempthorne – Japanese Prize, General Excellence Prize
Hayden Lam – Music Prize, General Excellence Prize
Holly Maraki – Athlete Sports Development Prize, Physical Education and Health Prize, Te Reo Māori Prize, General Excellence Prize
Lucy McIntyre – General Excellence Prize
Owen Menzies – General Excellence Prize
Joe Mundy – General Excellence Prize
Billie Revis – Social Studies Prize, General Excellence Prize
Holly Rossiter – Charles Lloyd Memorial Prize for Agriscience
Alani Rossiter – General Excellence Prize
Megan Simpson – Reynolds Cup for the best Religious Education project, Consumer Studies Prize, English Prize, Allan Myall Memorial Prize for Science, English Department Cup for Public Speaking, General Excellence Prize
Jaxon Skews – Materials Technology Prize
William Tavendale – General Excellence Prize
Sea-am Thompson – Food Technology Prize, General Excellence Prize
Jemma Treleaven – Geography Prize
Dixel Vallabh – General Excellence Prize
Saskia Wells – General Excellence Prize
Chantelle Xiong – Mathematics Prize, General Excellence Prize

Premium Year Group Prizes
William Couper – Dennis McIlraith Cup for a student making a positive contribution to the year group
Megan Simpson – St Andrew’s Cup for all-round excellence in Year 9

Year 10

Portia Bennie – General Excellence Prize
Max Blockley – Athlete Sports Development Prize
Jedd Bright – General Excellence Prize, Spanish Prize
Isla Calder – Walter J MacGibbon Memorial Prize for Agriscience
Lily Champion-Smith – Te Reo Māori Prize
Makayla Dai – Art Prize
Naomi Dana – ACEE Prize, General Excellence Prize
Finlay Fairweather-Logie – General Excellence Prize
Mia Fraser – General Excellence Prize
Struan Gordon – Russell Kent Cup for Middle School Singing
Lorna Hart – Geography Prize
Connor Higgs – Temple Bowl for Public Speaking
Sophia Hitchon – Japanese Prize
Alexandra Irwin – General Excellence Prize
Chelsea Jenkins – General Excellence Prize
Emily Keith – French Prize, General Excellence Prize
Tom Kerry – General Excellence Prize
Payton Kimber-Reynolds – Design and Visual Communication Prize
Kyra Lazor – General Excellence Prize
Jin Woo (Luka) Lee – General Excellence Prize
Marco Leighs – David Sheard Cup for Middle School Drama
Gemma Lewis – General Excellence Prize, Year 11 Science Prize awarded to a Year 10 student
Quentin Lovatt – Music Prize
Annika MacDonald – General Excellence Prize, John Storry Memorial Prize for English and Mathematics, Mathematics Prize
Isaac Mander – Digital Prize
Fletcher Mason – General Excellence Prize
Evangeline McNeill – General Excellence Prize
Bailey Moir – General Excellence Prize, P J McKenzie Memorial Prize for Science
Sam Moorhead – Michael Ardley Cup for Religious Education
Lachlan Odlin – Classics–History Prize, General Excellence Prize, J A Henry Memorial Prize for English, Social Studies Prize
Emma Pedersen – Fabric Technology Prize
Gus Preston – Materials Technology Prize
Caitlin Roberts – Food Technology Prize
Daniel Robertson – General Excellence Prize
Poppy Rumble – Cup for an outstanding contribution to Middle School Drama
Meghan Shearer – General Excellence Prize
Luke Slee – D A Lundy Memorial Prize for Agriscience
Kyrielle Spenner – General Excellence Prize
Riley Thomson – General Excellence Prize
Radha Vallabh – General Excellence Prize
Holly Walker – General Excellence Prize
Torin Ward – Economic Studies Prize, General Excellence Prize
Lauren Whittaker – Physical Education Prize
Luke Wylie – T D Burnett Memorial Prize for an Essay on a Pioneer Family

Premium Year Group Prizes
Lauren Whittaker – St Andrew’s Cup for the best all-round Junior Sportswoman
Sebastian May – Mauger Family Cup for the best all-round Junior Sportsman
Kyrielle Spenner – St Andrew’s Cup for the most positive contribution to the year group 
Gemma Lewis – J. R. Little Memorial Cup for all round excellence in Year 10 

Year 11

Ethan Adams – Merrilyn Hight Memorial Prize for Food and Nutrition, General Excellence Prize
Charlotte Allington – Fabric Technology Prize
Sarah Anthony – Accounting Prize, General Excellence Prize, Henderson-Scally Cup for Excellence in Stage Management
Skye Atkins – General Excellence Prize
Tessa Bishell – Physical Education Prize
Finn Bradshaw-Waugh – P D Keir Prize for History
Charlotte Brown – General Excellence Prize
Matthew Butler – Design and Visual Communication Prize
Chang (Jerry) Chang – Michael Harding Memorial Prize for Mathematics
Jerome Clark – Lindsay Ayers Cup for effort in Workshop Technology
Holly Curtis – Agristudies Prize
Angie Doig – Physical Education NCEA Prize
Tom Edwards – General Excellence Prize
Jonty Foote – Biology Prize, Economics Prize, General Excellence Prize
Selena Gan – Art Prize, Japanese Prize, General Excellence Prize
Toby Harvie – English Prize, Digital Prize, Physical Education Prize, Year 12 Physics and Chemistry Combined Prize awarded to a Year 11 Student, General Excellence Prize
Pippa Henderson – General Excellence Prize
Rachel Holyoake – General Excellence Prize
Harry Hooker – General Excellence Prize
Jacob Horrey – PTA Prize for Materials Technology
Thomas Kamo – English Prize, Burton-Davis Cup for Public Speaking, General Excellence Prize
Chaewon Kang – Michael Harding Memorial Prize for Mathematics, General Excellence Prize
Charles Keith – Science Prize
Jakarta Klebert – General Excellence Prize
Grace Lawrence – English Prize, Music Prize, General Excellence Prize, Caroline Stanton Cup for Contribution to Middle School Music, Stephen Hartley Cup for Excellence in Theatre Crafts
Natasha Lind – Physical Education Prize
Callum Lockhart – General Excellence Prize
Chayanit (Beam) Luepanichkul – ESOL Prize
Jasmine McAllister – General Excellence Prize
Benjamin McKeown – Physical Science Prize, General Excellence Prize
Isla Miers – David McKee Dickson Memorial Prize for Agriscience
Hugh Nixon – General Excellence Prize
Grace Richan – Science Prize, General Excellence Prize
Charlotte Roche – Geography Prize
Patrick Ryan – French Prize
Corin Simcock – General Excellence Prize
Lynonahdolphin Tausa – Physical Education Prize
Chelsea Tippen – Transitional Studies Prize
Harry Withers – Drama Prize, General Excellence Prize
XiLin (Alan) Xie – Michael Harding Memorial Prize for Mathematics, Science Prize
Cindy Xiong – General Excellence Prize
Luke Zhu – Spanish Prize, Year 12 Mathematics Prize awarded to a Year 11 Student, General Excellence Prize

Premium Year Group Prizes
Thomas Ruwhiu – Box Family Cup for Middle School Sporting Excellence (Boys)
Charlotte Roche – Scott Family Cup for Middle School Sporting Excellence (Girls)
Grace Lawrence – Burrows Family Cup for the most valuable contribution to the year group 
Harry Withers – S J Long Cup for all-round excellence in Year 11

Year 12

Madeline Bailey – Biology Prize, General Excellence Prize
Oscar Bloom – Geography Prize, A L Andrew Cup for Year 12 History, General Excellence Prize
Alice Burnett – Ferguson Cup for Composition
George Burrowes – Physics Prize, General Excellence Prize
Jack Calder – Drama Prize, Japanese Prize, General Excellence Prize
Graeme Campbell – Art–Photography Prize
Patrick Cotter – Agribusiness Prize, Science Prize, General Excellence Prize
Shiyu Feng – ESOL Prize
Benjamin Ferrier – Art–Painting Prize, General Excellence Prize
Samuel Foote – Music Prize, General Excellence Prize, Sir Ben Dickinson Music Award
Thomas Forsey – French Prize, General Excellence Prize
Isabella Galvan – Food, Hospitality and Nutrition Prize, General Excellence Prize
Lily Gamble – Fabric Technology Prize
Hannah Glass – The Burrows Agricultural Cup
Sophie Goode – K R Wallace Memorial Prize for Accounting
Lucy Hamilton – Film Prize
Benjamin Hartnell – Agristudies Prize
Eva Hitchon – General Excellence Prize
Jaime Howell – Travel and Tourism Prize
Samuel Jeon – General Excellence Prize, Prize for Excellence in Chamber Music
Abby Jones – General Excellence Prize
Felix Kenton-Smith – Classical Studies Prize, General Excellence Prize
Tatiana Keogan – ANZ Cup for Transitional Studies, Television Prize
Sophia Lazor – Chemistry Prize, General Excellence Prize
Alyssa Le – General Excellence Prize
William Lucas – Ian More Memorial Prize for Instrumental Music, General Excellence Prize
James MacLean – General Excellence Prize
Madeleine May – Business Studies Prize
Regan McCann – Mathematics with Statistics Prize, Spanish Prize
Flynn Megaw – Prize for Excellence in Jazz Performance
Arisa Mori – Year 13 Calculus Prize for a Year 12 Student
Connor Newton – Mathematics-Calculus Prize
Oliver Odlin – Digital Prize, Economics Prize, Year 13 Physics and Chemistry Combined Prize awarded to a Year 12 Student, General Excellence Prize
Emma Prince – General Excellence Prize
Megan Reed – English Literature Prize, General Excellence Prize
Farrah Richards – General Excellence Prize
Sophia Rutherford – General Excellence Prize
Luke Sherry – General Excellence Prize
Georgia Spark – Agriscience Prize
Molly Spark – Physical Education Prize
Montague Stamm – John McGlashan Trophy for Side Drumming
Blake Theobald – Materials Technology Prize, Design and Visual Communication Prize
Zoe van Klink – Art–Design Prize
Harry Waddington – General Excellence Prize
JingYang (Andy) Xu – English Prize for speakers of other languages

Premium Year Group Prizes
Eva Hitchon – Bill Thompson Memorial Cup for all-round excellence in Year 12
Felix Kenton-Smith – E. N. T. Reese Memorial Award for the top academic performance in Year 12 

Year 13

Emily Allan – General Excellence Prize
Jeremiah Anderson-Gardner – Film Prize, Prize for an Individual Contribution to Television and Film
Albert Bell – General Excellence Prize
Benjamin Blyth – ANZ Cup for Transitional Studies
Hamish Bond – Prize for Technical Production on Stage and Television
Jordan Bourke – Business Studies Prize, General Excellence Prize
James Carr – Mark Ellerm Cup for Senior Public Speaking
Evelyn Clarke – Cairns Cup for Ballet Excellence
Samuel Croot – Mathematics with Statistics Prize, Extension Calculus Prize, Physical Science Prize, General Excellence Prize, Timothy Sturge Cup for Mathematics
Aleisha Davis – General Excellence Prize
Xavier Dickason – Music Prize, General Excellence Prize, Mark Stewart Cup for Service to the Choir
Jasmine Donald – Timberlands Cup for Physical Education
Grace Donaldson – Art–Painting Prize, General Excellence Prize
Maya Field – General Excellence Prize
Benjamin Frazer – General Excellence Prize
Alan Fu – General Excellence Prize
Andrew Garbett – D L Cropp Plaque for Senior Debating
Lily Goodwin – General Excellence Prize
Benjamin Greenwood – Travel and Tourism Prize
James Holyoake – Geography Prize
Kate Hughes – Chemistry Prize, New Zealand Institute of Physics Prize, The Rentoul Family Award, General Excellence Prize
Jordan Jenkins – Andrew McIlraith Memorial Prize for Materials Technology
Timothy Justice – Bruce Russell Memorial Cup for Service to the Band, Chapel Cup for Service to Chapel
Omri Kepes – General Excellence Prize
Sage Klein – Drama Prize, General Excellence Prize, S.T.A.D.A. Cup for Drama
Claudia Knight – Classical Studies Prize, General Excellence Prize
Elena Limmer-Wood – Biology Prize, French Prize, General Excellence Prize
Michael Longden – Mathematics with Calculus Prize, General Excellence Prize
Brooke Mathewson – J Davidson Trophy for Tenor Drumming
Carter McCann – Science Prize
Harrison McMillan – W. A. C. McDonald Memorial Prize for Accounting, H S Lewis Scholarship Prize for Accounting and Economics, General Excellence Prize
Imogen McNeill – English Literature Prize, Beanland Cup for Year 13 History, Japanese Prize, General Excellence Prize, Dr Erwin Memorial Prize for English and History, Thomas and Wall Cup for Debating
Archie Milligan – David A West Cup for an outstanding contribution to Drama, L W Stewart Memorial Prize for Senior Singing
Monica Owens – Geoffrey Skinner Cup for Technical Excellence
Mia Pearson – Shirley and Colin Rudkin Cup for Fabric Technology, Art–Photography Prize, General Excellence Prize
Hayden Riches – Digital Prize
Marshall Setu – General Excellence Prize
James Sharpe – Rentoul Cup for Outdoor Education
Maxen Stedman – Kerrin P Sharpe Cup for Promise in Creative Writing
Holly Stokes – Agribusiness Prize
Benjamin Studholme – The Merrilyn Hight Memorial Prize for Food and Nutrition, Scenic Circle Cup for Food and Hospitality, The Rentoul Family Award, General Excellence Prize
Alice Thomson – Monk Cup for Practical Agricultural Skills
Kelly Ting – Art–Design Prize, Design and Visual Communication Prize, General Excellence Prize
Hartley van der Eb – Spanish Prize, Television Prize, General Excellence Prize
Harrison Waghorn – Agristudies Prize
Jack Wang – Economics Prize, General Excellence Prize
Jemma Watson – General Excellence Prize
Emily Whitnall – Ian R Little Cup for consistent effort in Senior Photography
Emily Wilson – Agriscience Prize, General Excellence Prize
Campbell Wilson – D C McKenzie Trophy for the Pipe Major, Fergus Copeland Memorial Bowl for Musicianship in Piping and Drumming, Paddy Hilson Memorial Trophy for Senior Piping

Special Prizes

ICAS Gold Awards:
Chloe Sha – ICAS Gold Award English Year 3
Matthew Bluck – ICAS Gold Award Science Year 7
Ryan Gu – ICAS Gold Award Digital Technologies Year 8
James Hart – ICAS Gold Award Science Year 9
Portia Bennie – ICAS Gold Award English Year 10
Gemma Lewis – ICAS Gold Award Mathematics Year 10, ICAS Gold Award Science Year 10, ICAS Gold Award Digital Technologies Year 10
Harry Withers – ICAS Gold Award English Year 11
Callum Lockhart – ICAS Gold Award Science Year 11
Toby Harvie – ICAS Gold Award Mathematics Year 11

Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Gold Awards: Lucy Cammock-Elliott, Rory Dephoff, Hannah Dickson, Grace Donaldson, Genevieve Henstock, James Holyoake, Annabelle Jones, Pippa McAnergney, Libby McKinnel, Kelly Ting, Emily Whitnall, Benjamin Wilson

Tuu’u Family Cup for an Outstanding Contribution to Intercultural Relationships: Alan Fu
Collins Cup for Culture: Archie Milligan
Duncan Field Cup for all-round contribution to Year 13: Timothy Justice
Tapper-Green Cup for Citizenship: Lucy Cammock-Elliott
A. R. Liddell Memorial Trophy for Service to Sport: Hamish Bond
Rocklea Cup for Champion House (Rutherford 2020):
Harrison Waghorn, Tom Wells, Jessica Roche
Ullrich Trophy for all-round Sporting Excellence (Boys): Jack Rule
Ladies Circle Cup for all-round Sporting Excellence (Girls):
Kate Allan
Trophy for Senior Sportsman of the Year:
Taiko Torepe-Ormsby
Ladies Committee Cup for Sportswoman of the Year:
Jasmine Donald
McKenzie Cup for Service to the House:
Libby McKinnel
D. C. Wilson Memorial Prize and the Dianne MacDonald Cup for Head of Girls’ Boarding: Libby McKinnel
D. C. Wilson Memorial Prize and Letham family Cup for Head of Boys’ Boarding: Aminiasi (Mini) Toga
Oughton Cup for Deputy Head Girl: Aleisha Davis
Newton Cup for Deputy Head Boy: Omri Kepes
Clive Crozier Memorial Prize and Brookes Family Cup for the Head Girl:
Emily Tyrrell
Clive Crozier Memorial Prize and Yee Family Cup for the Head Boy: Hugh Montgomery
Faletoese Cup for best all-rounder in Year 13 (Boys): Omri Kepes
Suter Family Cup for best all-rounder in Year 13 (Girls): Kelly Ting

Proxime Accessit: Imogen McNeill
David Wilton Prize for the Dux: Samuel Croot

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Congratulations to all our prize winners at our 2020 Prizegiving.